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Posted in Quit experiences 05 Sep 2021

I wanted to quit for years. My son hates it. I go to bed thinking right tomorrow im going to quit but every morning I get up put a coffee on and have a cigarette then it's well ive smoked now what's the point on trying to give up today. .I was on champers for a while which helped heaps but I run out of tablets and never followed the course im nearly 42 now and over 20 years as a smoker im scared to think of the health effects

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  • NOPE-2021 September 05, 2021 | 22:34
    Hi Deanbowdeniov. Welcome! I can really relate to your story. I quit nearly every Monday for a long stretch of Mondays. I can only suggest what I did. I finally got serious (on a Monday) and quit and believe me, it was hour to hour. I had a few days under my belt and I had a cigarette, then I would go another day without, then had a cigarette again. Each time, I almost said, "Well I've smoked now what's the point on trying to give up today", but I didn't. I didn't even reset the clock. This went on for 3 weeks before I finally put down my foot and said the next Monday I will reset the clock and it will be for good.

    It's been 5 weeks now since that Monday. Perhaps do NOT throw in the towel and say "why give up I already messed up" and just consider it a slip and continue to quit. Pile up those hours of non-smoking best you can. Then get serious, pick a day and never have a puff again.

    I do understand completely and I know the frustration, but I think you have the desire to quit and I think you will someday really quit. Keep reading all these success stories, it really inspired me. I sincerely wish you the best. Keep us posted on your progress.... Best....
  • Happiness September 05, 2021 | 23:38
    You might be a good candidate for trying my backwards quit approach. Click on my name here and go to my story "If You've Givin Up Giving Up , Try This!"

    It may help you to see smoking in a different light. We are not afraid of the health effects more than we fear life without the smokes. That is the nicomonsters fear. The nicomonster should be afraid because we can CHOOSE to take back our freedom. All we had to do was make up our minds.
    The mind is a powerful thing. Stop fearing the change and embrace it. No one here who has quit would ever choose to smoke again. With the right mindset, it is unlikely that we would slip once understanding how we came to smoke in the first place.

    No one here thought it was possible for them to quit smoking after decades. BUT we did.

    Join the team of winners. There have been a lot of them lately. Read the stories and advice given every day. We were addicts to nicotine and just like you. Together we take pride in our accomplishment and are grateful every day for the strength to have chosen to be Happy Non-Smokers.
  • Leeann , Central Coast September 06, 2021 | 19:08
    Welcome Dean, yep we have all been where you are, its a whole lot easier to talk yourself out of quitting and make excuses for ourselves than face the quit, we know there will be discomfort in beating the nicodemon so we tell ourselves we like and enjoy poisoning ourselves, and we hand over our hard earned money just to feed the addiction.

    Stick close to the website and read lots of stories, it helps you with ypur mindset and makes choosing to become a non smoker not only attainable, but something to get super excited about.

    Its working for me and the winning team is fabulous, so come join us, we will all support you. This is an awesome community😊

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