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Never be tempted again.

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Sep 2021
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Champix. Nothing else works for me. Will power certainly didn't work for me. In my expereince and opinion champix will work when it works, no timeframe. Just keep taking until you notice yourself smoking less and less and the need for a cig has become weaker. Then test if how long you can go without. When it is forever you are there. Keep taking the course beyond the quit point. Lastly - NEVER be tempted to pick another cigarette up again. There really is no point - NOT even socially. ITS OVER!

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness September 05, 2021 | 6:53
    It is simple and even easy when we just make up our minds Logicdon. Champix will do it's work and take the enjoyment out of smoking while giving jolts of dopamine to replace the jolts nicotine gave us. Yes, you will be nicotine free soon using Champix, but a lasting quit, an enjoyable, lasting quit, does not take willpower or just hoping that it will last. It takes you to WANT to be free. Find the reasons that are important to you and value those reasons more than wanting to smoke. Once you are a HAPPY Non-smoker, you won't need those jolts of dopamine from either source. You will love having made the decision and never look back or feel the need to tempt fate. NOPE, Not One Puff Ever!

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