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Salby! This message is for you!

Posted in Quit experiences 11 Aug 2021
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Hi Salby,

Just read a message from you saying you were struggling a bit with posting on this site.

When you log on, look along the big blue bar at the top of the page...third title along should say MY QUIT PLAN.

Click on MY QUIT PLAN.

In the centre you'll see a large orange square with SHARE MY STORY written in it - click on that.

You'll then have some drop-down menu boxes.

The first one says I WANT TO the drop-down menu, select QUIT EXPERIENCES.

The next box says TITLE - Just put the heading of your post here, such as 'DAY 5' or 'I AM INVINCIBLE' :)

The last option says MY HINT OR TIP - this is where you write the body of your post.

Hope that's helpful! Write and tell us how you're doing x

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness August 11, 2021 | 7:29
    I might add that Percy would not normally contact Selby in this matter. Once Selby makes her own posting page, comments made on that or any other page that belongs to her has e-mail notices attached . We can all then enjoy following Selby's story with more understanding as it unfolds. We can make personal contact, just remember it is all public.

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