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Percy Verence

Oh! I think I might be over my withdrawal symptoms! (Day 12)

Posted in Quit experiences 09 Aug 2021

I've had two very tranquil days - no pangs...or frantic peppermint chewing...or clenched fists and gritted need to nibble my way through a packet of dry crackers when I've sat in front of the fact, I was relaxed enough last night to read a novel in bed - I left my Guru, Allen Carr on the shelf for the first time since my quit date.

I had a treat day on Saturday and went to the hairdressers. (apologies for flaunting such freedom when I know you guys are coping with Lockdown right now) I thought a change in hair style would help define the 'new me' and strutted out an hour later feeling like a million dollars. My hair looked amazing when I left the salon but hairdressers have this wondrous knack of stretching and plumping your hair on the brush so it blow-dries to perfection. I've failed to replicate the styling method required on my own so it now looks much less of the 'Daring Diva' and far more 'Damp Dog' really...

I bought a few new items of clothing. I browsed amongst the lotions, potions and expensive perfumes and came away with things that will apparently make me both youthful and fragrant!

Honestly? I really can't remember the last time I spent money on MYSELF like this. My smoking habit was only affordable because I deprived myself of all the nice little things in life.

So - day twelve...and it's far easier. Life without cigarettes is starting to feel comfortable and natural. I've had to be extremely focused and mentally committed to this quit up until Day it's starting to feel second-nature and my mind is free to think about other things again.

Love to all x

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  • Ariel2121 August 09, 2021 | 17:52
    Hi Percy,
    I am on a newbie on this quit journey and have already been following you from afar. Was hesitant to post but here I am…
    I have followed your journey and resonate with you as I am now 15 days smoke free.
    The fact that you are still going strong gives me inspiration and drives me forward.
    I realise we are on different sides of the earth but it is great to know someone else is on the same journey.
    This site is great in that it offers lots of support and great advice.
    Keep on doing what u are doing and keep on posting your stories as I need to read them.
    A 😀
  • Leeann , Central Coast August 09, 2021 | 18:38
    Oh Percy you go Girl!!!! Dont apologise for not being in lockdown and you have most definitely earned the treats. I have 2 treats planned for when lockdown is over, haircut and massage. Ive only ever had 1 proffessional massage at a day spa in my life, I received it as a reward from work. It was an hr massage, and I honestly floated from the room afterwards. I normally would feel guilty to go and splurge $120 or so on a massage, now I think why not as a treat, after all we handed money over week in week out just to feed an addiction that certainly has never made me feel like ive died and gone to heaven, like the massage did🤣

    You stay committed Percy, you are doing AMAZING!!!
  • Happiness August 09, 2021 | 21:08
    It's a great time to do other things for yourself or buy those frivolous items the spouse would dispute. It really is a part of the therapy you know! When you FEEL GOOD , you don't feel bad. When you feel good , you want to experience it again.
    Sometimes it is the reward that is immensely satisfying and brings happiness and contentment. For example, I don't like doing housework or weeding the garden, but I feel pride when I see the results and glad that I did. I don't always want to do my exercise, but I know not only will I feel better after I do, but the long term results and quality of life are worth the effort. Like quitting smoking, some immediate reward but ongoing, lasting results.
    Keep on with the positive thoughts and indulge yourself a little. Why feel guilty, really, did you feel guilty burning money? Spend the saved $$$ on feeling good. It doesn't have to mean every cent forever more, but it would be better spent on anything but an addiction.. Raise that Dopamine!

    I'm elated for you and all the newbies who are responding so well to the benefits of this site. We can stop smoking when we WANT to and BELIEVE that we can. We are worth it!
  • Happiness August 09, 2021 | 21:30
    Welcome Ariel2121. I am glad that we have those following in the background. I hope you and others will comment and perhaps write your debut and let us know a little more about you. We all look forward to new stories, new ideas and to welcoming and assisting you should you require it.
    A newspaper can't exist without writers, neither can we.
  • NOPE-2021 August 09, 2021 | 22:00
    Awesome attitude Percy! Day 12 and it looks like you are experiencing a great life without cigarettes. You deserve to reward yourself. The money side of it is also a great reward. Great encouragement story,.. stay strong and tranquil.
  • Salby, Northern Sydney August 09, 2021 | 22:13
    Hi lovely,
    That sounds so great, congratulations and so true we do deprive ourselves just to afford the cigarettes. I can’t wait to get there.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 10, 2021 | 8:07
    Ah Percy, another informative and descriptive post, rewards are a positive and realistic fix, while going through your own journey of being smoke free.

    Your money was well spent. I still do the hairdresser thing. Later on you might find that giving to others is another way to reward yourself. I give to my Grandchildren every Birthday and Christmas, and have lunch out with my close family once a week. Its no surprise that our money can be used for different pleasures, and we can actually pay our bills this has stopped a lot of anxiety for me. Well done.
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW August 10, 2021 | 20:03
    Percy we are so worth the spoiling 🙌 why not we have the extra money now. Glad to hear being a nonsmoker is becoming more and more the norm for you ❤️
  • Happiness August 10, 2021 | 23:10
    Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. It takes as little as 21 days to break a habit and 66 days to feel automatic. We need to relearn what has been so ingrained in our every day lives.
    Every day gets a little bit easier until it is done without thought.

    Stay positive and you will reach many significant milestones ahead.
  • Percy Verence August 11, 2021 | 1:36
    @Ariel: Thank you for the lovely message! It's so nice to know that our stories are helping other people. So glad you let me know and I do hope you'll join us and become part of the NOPE family. x

    @Leeann: Ooooh! MASSAGE! I hadn't thought of that. That's definitely going on the treat schedule. Haven't had a massage in years...

    Thanks everybody - lots of love to all x

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