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Embracing Day 18

Posted in Staying quit 07 Aug 2021

Hi all, after getting the biggest buzz from reading Percys fantastic share and the lovely comments by the fellow supporters, just thought id post to say im on track day 18 today. I know im still in quit kindy, early days, I still get headaches and suffering a bit of broken sleep. My cough has disappeared, so that gives me a spring to my step. I feel fortunate that the mere whiff of ciggarette smoke makes me almost dry reach, so nope not missing it one bit. My husband and daughter smoke and im currently home 7 days a week because of lockdown from covid. We are allowed outside to walk, so i do it regularly, im slowly trying to encourage my hubby and daughter to join me in flicking those little nasty sticks, but they are yet to agree. My daughter is marvelling how i appear so normal this time around, she said to me that I normally get so savage when I quit. I said I know i feel calm this time, in control and I know this is it for me. Headaches, sleep disturbance and a few scary dreams, I just smile to myself and think hmmm really nicodemon is that all you got 🤣 I know its withdrawels, I know it will pass. Every night when I crawl into bed, I feel so proud of myself for choosing to embrace and change ME🌞

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  • Leeann , Central Coast August 07, 2021 | 14:04
    I forgot to mention, I am not brave enough to cold turkey. I am using lozenges 4mg, next packet I will step down to 2mg then nothing. I know NRTs can be addictive, but want the aid for the hand hold to ease me in my quit
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW August 07, 2021 | 22:36
    Congrats leeann you sure are are doing awesomely 🙌❤️
  • Happiness August 08, 2021 | 0:23
    However you or anyone quits, It's all good. We will all get there one way or another as long as we don't give up. You're doing great Leanne and I a am glad that you are actually feeling that this is THE quit.

    I am embracing a new change in my life yet again. A 3 day old abandoned kitten needed a chance and I am lacking sleep. No regrets, it will be worth it if he /she pulls through. It's doing well and I think I am changing "Dude" s name to "Piglette". I am optomistic.. Yep, always think positive, anything is possible.
  • Percy Verence August 08, 2021 | 1:23
    You're doing great, Leeann!

    I so admire your strength and dedication living with two smokers - phenomenal!

    Yes, it's getting easier and easier, isn't it? And doesn't it feel great?

    Loads of love and high-five's winging their way across the ether! x
  • Percy Verence August 08, 2021 | 1:27
    @Happiness: Love the name 'Piglette'! I have no doubt this little mite will blossom under your care and grow up to love you forever. Wonderful news - hope you'll keep us posted. x
  • NOPE-2021 August 08, 2021 | 1:41
    Sound to me you have the worst behind you. With other smokers near you it must have driven you to be strong. You have proven you are a fighter and will beat this.. well... you ARE beating this!!

    Any way you can STOP SMOKING is the right way. We are all different and we all have our own personal journeys. What works for one may not work for another. It looks like you found what works for you.

    Keep on keeping on!!!
  • Leeann , Central Coast August 08, 2021 | 7:07
    @Jess thank you for your kind words and support.

    @Happiness thank you for the encouragement. Awww God bless you on your latest mission, how lucky Piglette has you to nuture it. You are a Gem🙌
    @Percy high five right back at you✋ and yes ieach day I feel stronger and it is getting easier.

    @Nope having other smokers around does not determine our choices I decided, after all smokes are readily available from shops, so I made the choice for me and my health and future. NOPE is the only way for us addicts, ive fooled myself in the past that you can just have 1, but I honestly don't even want one, the thought is repulsive, just the smell of it makes me feel 🤢 Something has changed in my brain now and im loving the new me. Thanks for your support and being on the same path to success☺
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 08, 2021 | 9:37
    Being outside a close group of smokers, is not easy to begin with don't let go of your good work for yourself, your family is watching you so keep the faith, this is all it needs sometimes to bring them over.

    Stay strong and be happy in small achievements, reward yourself and your family as you go along. You have the money now, so begin to share this way, extra special dinners maybe coming their way.

    Keep well in lockdown that is no easy task. I am in a Regional area of NSW we have some restrictions, but can still get together for outings etc. NOPE (not one puff ever). Well done Leanne.
  • Leeann , Central Coast August 08, 2021 | 10:36
    Thank you Sofly for your kind words🙌
  • Robn August 08, 2021 | 17:15
    Hi Leanne, so proud of you, you are doing really well. Sounds like that little switch in our heads has turned for you, now your head is in the right place, you will succeed.
    Be proud and have got this. Reward yourself deserve it
  • Robn August 08, 2021 | 17:39
    Hi Leanne, so proud of you, you are doing really well. Sounds like that little switch in our heads has turned for you, now your head is in the right place, you will succeed.
    Be proud and have got this. Reward yourself deserve it
  • Leeann , Central Coast August 08, 2021 | 17:51
    Hi Robn thank you, Im kicking myself for crumbling time and time again, but hey not this time. I know I can do it!! Wow 3 years Robn I am thrilled for you👏👏☺
  • Robn August 08, 2021 | 18:05
    Thanks Leanne, you have what it takes, you are stronger than you know. Want it above all else and you will succeed. Doesn’t matter how many tries it long as you get there in the end. So worth it on many many levels. Go girl xx

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