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Best thing i ever did - Champix

Posted in Quit experiences 06 Aug 2021

I was a 30 year smoker smoking around 25-30 a day.Being now in my mid 40's,it was getting time to either quit or be buried by them.

I was not able to go cold turkey,i got very aggressive,irritable,bad shakes,headaches and other problems.

I got the Champix,on the 3rd week,i couldn't stand the smell or taste of a cigarette.

I smoked for the first 2 weeks,then by the 17th day,i was off the smokes and the Champix.Both went in the bin.

2 months later i don't want a smoke,or have any interest.

I was fortunate to have no side effects at all,but i do realise some do

If you can manage the Champix,it's a great quitting aide

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  • Patches, Northern NSW August 06, 2021 | 21:20
    Hi timtim. You left me a comment but this silly server won't let me answer.
    I would never have quit without Champix. I ran into a little trouble coming off of it but doc has taken care of that.
    I think if you can put the big boy pants on and tolerate the side effects, its only a tiny 3-6 months out of your entire smoking life.
    Good on you.
    Ps. Love the blue mountains. My daughter lives in the Nepean area.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 07, 2021 | 7:47
    I agree Tim, Champix helped me too albeit half a dose. Although it is an aide you had aleady done some of the mental work to help yourself before. Champix takes the edge off, along with your own input on how you want to quit as paramount. Well done. Come back again whenever you want to.

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