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Thanks Percy verance

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Aug 2021

I don't know how to reply to people after I've posted....but Percy verance. What a kind message. Thanks so much. I'm so grateful for the empathy and support.... I've been going well this week and I know I have to keep it up. Words of encouragement are so appreciated and kindness.

My mum overheard my darling son say to his little mate..."I'm so proud of my Mum for quitting smoking" his little mate said.."what if she starts up again?"

My son said..."she won't, I have faith in her"

How the heck could I possibly put another smoke in my mouth?

If I have a craving at any time.... I'll remind myself of my soul buddy's words. I'll get there.... everyone else will too. Do it for the ones you love, do it for you. After a massive week of your kids, partner and or yourself a little gift... because you all deserve it and you would have spent more smoking 💖🙏

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  • Red-67 August 05, 2021 | 3:06
    Hi Lioness :)
    Generally, you just add a comment to your post, in response to others..
    That way, any given post, becomes a thread of it's own..
    We all have our differences, even disagreements, but that is what makes a forum like this work. We can only really share what worked for each of us, and hope that new quitters find something that works for them. Just stick with it, Set yourself FREE.. You will be glad you did. It really can be as easy as you make it :)
  • Percy Verence August 05, 2021 | 3:07

    @Lioness - thank you for such a lovely message! It's fantastic what you've achieved - well done!

    Yes, it's wonderful to stop for the ones that love us. My son is 13 and has a best friend who has constant anxiety about his dad's chain smoking - he lives in fear of his dad getting ill and dying. This was a huge motivation to stop - the thought that my son might be silently worrying about my health and living in fear.

    How fantastic that your son has so much faith in you! You must feel great!

    I am now on my seventh day of not smoking (No, not one puff) and have never felt so confident with a quit before. I have had quite a few physical withdrawal symptoms but haven't, at any point, felt tempted to go and buy cigarettes.

    I have realised that I'm quite a tense and uptight person - normally the sort who rarely sits down and is always on the go but not great at I've been working on this. There are loads of guided meditations on You Tube but I listen to Paul McKenna's Stop Smoking Hypnosis EVERY day. I find it really helpful and powerful. There's a point where he says to mentally fast forward and picture myself in a year's time as a healthy non-smoker - "What would your happy, healthy future self say to the person you are right now?", he asks. That works for me every time because I can picture myself a year on as a non-smoker but that future depends on my being resolute and strong NOW...if I give up and cave in, that wonderful version of me in the future disappears. So the future version of me is shouting loads of encouragement to the present version of me...and it really feels empowering!

    We CAN do this, Lioness!!! The minute we stubbed out and didn't reach for another cigarette, we became non-smokers...and we can STAY that way!

    Keep checking in - keep sharing -'s going to be great!

    Lots of love to you x
  • Happiness August 05, 2021 | 6:24
    That's right ladies, you have stubbed out your last cigarette and are now non-smokers. It is real.
    You choose a better situation and go about making the changes to make it happen. In this case you can do NOTHING, just remember NOPE. Remember your reasons for stopping and envision the new you. I am glad the new you is shouting back encouragement and empowering you Percy. . We are all here shouting encouragement everyday to you and all of those seeking their freedom from nicotine.

    Some people have responded directly to others and leave out the community. That is ok, but beware that nothing is private. The administration once posted stories it wanted to feature because of the number of comments it attracted. Little did they realize that it was more of a private group discussion.
    The site doesn't allow you to share e-mail addresses, but I have made such contact. Be creative. Separate the name and ip server we know it ends .com .Administration obviously does not read our posts.
  • Happiness August 05, 2021 | 6:45
    Hi lioness, in answer to your question on how to respond to someone........once you have clicked on "read the whole story" it opens to show all of it and also the comments below. Scroll to the end of all comments., where you will see you name. Click in that grey area and your cursor will stand blinking ready for you to write. The person who posted the story will get a direct e-mail to their google mail, live mail, yahoo or whatever server they use for this site. Be sure to come back to this spot to see their response......or whatever page of theirs that you wrote to or in more private. I hope that helps!
  • Happiness August 05, 2021 | 6:56
    To see other peoples numerous posts, just like on the name, like "happiness" above. It will give you access to all of their posts. In this way this site is superior. We can follow someone's journey from the beginning. The access to the Allan Carr link is amongst mine. I am sure you will enjoy this site even more once learning how to navigate it.
  • Leeann , Central Coast August 05, 2021 | 9:39
    Hi i just wanted to say I loved reading these views, so inspiring!!! Stay strong ladies🙌🤍

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