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3 month surprise

Posted in Quit experiences 01 Aug 2021

Hi everyone. I'm back after my failed quit last year but this time, I'm 3 months off with Champix. My question to anyone who has experienced this is... Has anyone weened off Champix only to find the withdrawal has hit like I've never quit? I know this must be uncommon as I've read enough positive reviews from happy ex smokers. I'm thinking I may have to stick it for another 3 months but the bloat is so uncomfortable, i can barely breathe.

Has anyone overcome this problem? I almost bought a packet tonight but got very angry as I have gone through so much to get this far. I settled for crisps instead. I did smoke for 38 years.


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  • Red-67 August 23, 2021 | 8:19
    ( find things ) A typo, not the pages fault .. LOL
  • Red-67 August 23, 2021 | 7:55
    Hi Patches :)
    Assuming your email notification is on, you will see that this is posted on your previous story :) Very easy to fine things here.. :)
  • Timtim, Nepean Blue Mountains August 06, 2021 | 19:58
    Hi,i was a 30 year smoker and gave up after 17 days on Champix.I had no symptoms at all.
    The first 2 days after throwing the champix i had minor cravings,but they were easily managed.
    No other issues at all at my 2 month mark now
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 02, 2021 | 7:56
    Hi Patches, I was on Champix, and for me was better than patches, (I have tried both) There is no Nicotine in Champix, but psychologically doesn't let you off the hook. you have to change your way of thinking and learn so much more about your own behaviour and the drug Nicotine, which keeps us hooked.

    A video called "How to grow to be a happy non smoker" by NASIA DAVOS is the start of a beautiful friendship with yourself. This helped me along with reading Alan Carr and staying close to this forum.

    I did have bloating, which suggested my diet needed looking at, and I eventually tried the FODMAP diet, and bought tablets from my chemist. I had smoked for 35 years, so don't look for excuses. Keep strong NOPE (not one puff ever)

  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW August 02, 2021 | 6:43
    Hi patches I haven't been on Champix so I can't offer any experience there however I have tried to quit many times almost always with patches. This final quit which sees me finally free of smoking has happened through cold turkey. The advantages for me with going through it by cold turkey was that I had quit. There was nothing to wean off it was done complete I was free from smoking. Everyone is different as to what works for them. I never thought I could do this cold turkey I never thought I was strong enough and I thought cold turkey was for stronger minded people. I was wrong. I am no more or no less stronger than anyone else. I just never gave up on giving up smoking once and for all. You have a mental advantage you have already been quit three months 😊I am looking forward to hearing how you and your doctor navigate the next three months. Stay quit my friend any way you can. You are doing amazingly 👍❤️
  • Red-67 August 02, 2021 | 1:02
    It's not that uncommon. In many cases, the end of Champix, Zyban, etc. can be the return to smoking. They help you stay off the smokes, so that YOU can quit. You must make the real quit in your head. Cold turkey may not be the easiest way, but it is the fastest, and most successful true quit. The only successful quit, is the one you never have to do again. :)
  • Happiness August 01, 2021 | 23:22
    Hang in there Patches. Have you seen a doctor about persistent bloat. Many try to eat better and the uptake of fiber may be responsible.
    Keep reading ,learning and changing how you look at smoking. It is not only the nicotine to dispose
    of but those old feelings too. Continue on and don't look back.

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