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Day One - Checking In...

Posted in Getting started 30 Jul 2021

The end of my 'Day One' as a non-smoker is just coming to a close.

I'm a British lady - purposefully joining an Australian forum because I have terrible trouble sleeping and the nights pose the greatest temptation for smoking.

I have been unwell for the last two and half years with Red Skin Syndrome. The pain so was acute that I was only sleeping for a few hours every third day. I depended on cigarettes for the modicum of pain relief they brought but also distraction and 'company' during long and miserable nights.

I am recovering well now but have three stone of steroid weight to lose and a 25-30 a day smoking habit to get rid of.

I find the daytime okay because I can be busy and exercise takes my mind off the cravings. With this in mind, I bought myself a rowing machine last week which has taken pride of place in the middle of my sitting room. My plan is that I can leap on it and row if the urge to smoke is getting too strong during the evenings or night time.

I bought myself Chamomile tea because I've learnt from previous quit attempts that the taste of coffee acts as a trigger for wanting a cigarette.

I always find 'Day One' extremely hard because it's too easy to back out of my own commitment with the reasoning "I'm not quite ready for this today." I have lots of false starts, when I quit for eight hours and then cave in - promising myself that it's something I'll do next week. Today has been successful - nicotine patch on first thing this morning and I've kept busy. I felt twitchy this evening and took time out to lie down for half an hour and listened to a relaxation meditation I found on YouTube - it really helped.

I joined this forum yesterday and read several of your inspiring stories. I can only dream about how it will feel to have stopped smoking for a year or more. You inspire me and I hope checking in here will keep me going. I have a thirteen year old son who I want to have an active life with and see grow up...and see my grandchildren. I'm acutely aware of what cigarettes do to our health and I've lived with a constant fear and anxiety at the back of my mind for a long time. I hope this is my final, successful and permanent quit. I'm going to give it everything I've got. x

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  • Red-67 July 31, 2021 | 2:04
    Hi Percy, and Welcome :)
    I was perfectly happy as a, pack a day plus, smoker for 40+ years. Never tried to quit, or wanted to. I THOUGHT I smoked because I wanted to, and enjoyed it.
    But, one day, as I was calling a young couple STUPID, in my head, for starting to smoke, knowing what we know now, I looked at the one in my hand, and realized,, you have to be stupid to keep smoking. Right ?
    At that point, my thinking changed, and I realized,,, SMOKING MAKES YOU STUPID,,, That's how it works. An otherwise intelligent person, will waste money, and time, to shove poison into their lungs. DUH !!
    The more you let yourself think about that, the easier it will be to make a smoke something you do NOT WANT, instead of something you can't have.. That is a much more powerful thought process than it may seem.
    Like Happiness, and others will tell you,, Make it a positive, and be proud of breaking away from your addiction to smoking.. :)
  • Percy Verence July 31, 2021 | 2:23
    Hi, Happiness!

    Thanks so much for your reply and encouragement.

    No, I won't be reading the E book...only because I have ordered the paperbacks from Amazon. I had the book years and years ago and quit smoking for three years as a result of reading it over and over. I've ordered myself a new copy and also Allen Carr's 'Little Book of Quitting' - these purchases financed with my first day's saved cigarette money. I like to physically own books so I can write in the margins, underline...adorn with my own thoughts. These books will be boldly inscribed with my quit date on the front and notes about my journey kept inside. I shall make them family heir looms! :) A record of the best decision and most positive life change I have EVER made!

    It's 5.30 pm here in UK on my second day. I survived the dentist this morning smoke-free (the dentist is a BIG stressor in my world) and had an hour nap this afternoon - sounds a silly thing but I'm not used to 'treating myself' so it felt very indulgent!

    I have already noticed that it's easier to breathe. My chest feels clear - no coughing today...breathing in and out feels like I suddenly have a larger pair of lungs.

    It's a sad and disgusting fact that I used to carry a packet of cigarettes and an asthma inhaler in the same pocket of my handbag. Strange how just a couple of days without the fog of smoke around you makes you see things clearly for what they are.

    Thanks again for your support - I am indeed, embracing the Quit. x
  • Percy Verence July 31, 2021 | 2:27

    Thanks, Red-67. Really appreciate the support. x
  • Red-67 July 31, 2021 | 3:08
    I love it :)
    " a packet of cigarettes and an asthma inhaler in the same pocket "
    YEP,, (( SMOKING MAKES YOU STUPID )) Fortunately, we can learn better :)
    It may take a while. I was 67 when I decided to quit. I'll be 72 in a few months..
  • Percy Verence July 31, 2021 | 4:32
    It's five years since that last cigarette, Red? FANTASTIC!!!!!

    I'm 50 years old...time to end this teenage rebellion. :)
  • Happiness July 31, 2021 | 6:14
    While smoking seems a stupid thing to do, nicotine is an addictive drug. I am sure we all thought our teenage rebellion would end at our choosing. However that was uncomfortable and all we heard was that it was HARD to quit. Twenty years later....cravings.....who would choose to do that???? We were brainwashed and doomed to fail with that kind of belief.

    Cravings really are almost imperceptible. They do pass eventually, but the right mindset makes it so much easier. When you want something it becomes easier, if you do not want something you will not dwell on it or miss it. Stopping smoking CAN be EASY.

    Nicotine keeps the cravings alive, and we let it. Make up your mind to think "ENOUGH". Don't feed the dog and it will leave.
    We let the devil in, and it is time for us to show him the door.
    We can stop smoking, even easily, when we make up our minds that we want better for ourselves.
    Anyone can quit smoking. Change your mind and change your life.

    I love your attitude and how your personal book by Allen Carr and margin notes will aid you to push through. We may have regrets of the past but we can plan for the future. We can see more clearly without the smoke in our eyes.

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