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COVID got me rattled

Posted in Reasons to quit 28 Jul 2021
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I’m certain COVID affects the immune compromised as well as smokers in general. As a smoker I am diverting the energy from my immune system to deal with every cigarette I inhale.

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  • Happiness July 28, 2021 | 21:27
    Smoking never did anything for us, that's for sure. Yes, it takes away valuable immune properties that could be used elsewhere. Cigarettes are full of toxins, which our bodies fight off every day. Smokers are warned that they are more at risk, but that hasn't been enough to make us quit smoking. We have to BELIEVE that we can. We have to face the fear of quitting smoking. We have to undo the brainwashing that we have had dumped on us.
    Smoking never did anything.
    Nicotine is NOT a wonder drug.
    It causes stress and anxiety. It does NOT help it.
    Nicotine causes it's own cravings.
    We have to break that cycle, and we can. We are stronger. YOU are STRONGER!

    Stay, read and learn. Knowledge is power. Change how you think of smoking and change YOUR life for the better in many, many ways.

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