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Posted in Quit experiences 25 Jul 2021

I stuffed up... Stress, relationship struggle, just me working now and homeschool, house work, money worries. I had five smokes today. I was doing really well but feel pathetic.

My children are the reason for quitting but I weakened today. My relationship with my husband is a battle....

Hope tomorrow is a better day..... I feel so alone

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  • Happiness July 26, 2021 | 0:32
    You are not alone Lioness. We know you can get things back on track. It is a temporary set back and part of the learning curve. You know what your triggers are. You also know that smoking will not relieve the stress nor will it solve your problems.
    You're smart, love your family and want better for you all. Live up to your ferocious name and fight for what is right. Your cubs need you and mentor you. Be a proud Mama.
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 26, 2021 | 6:41
    Hi there lioness welcome to a new day. Be kind to yourself today. Yesterday is gone and today can be a smoke free day. Jump straight back on the horse lioness. Sometimes calling the quit line and having a chat can help. I will be thinking of you today ❤️
  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 26, 2021 | 7:59
    Hi there Lioness, just remember to put yourself on top of your reasons to quit, you need to de-stress with some form of meditation even if it is only for 15 mins...take it slow and do one thing at a time. Plan your home time hours even if you have to micro manage.....draw up a plan Start and finish time etc....this will help if you are worrying too much.

    Keep yourself included in your plan...... time for me to meditate, time for me to have a walk, time for me to write out my journal or diary, time for me to have a relaxing cup of something etc.. It might feel overwhelming but there are only 24 hours in the day, don't waste it by worrying, the Nicotine monster loves to hop in during this activity.

    Above all know your family will benefit if you keep on trying to find happiness in everything you do. You know what to do now. It just needs adjusting so throw the Nicotine monster away when you are able, and just believe in yourself. Never give up... Practice NOPE (not one puff ever)...This worked for me after a few times of failure. You have this forum, include this in your plan. Come back any time.
  • Dalyfish, Murrumbidgee July 28, 2021 | 18:24
    Lioness, credit yourself in the fact that you recognised that you have let yourself down. But don’t let it keep you down. You highlighted your priorities are your children. See them, and everything you are doing for them by quitting. Tomorrow is a new day. You’ll be back on track to conquer our addiction!! Peace and love and the best to you and your family
  • Happiness July 28, 2021 | 21:36
    I hope today finds you back on track and ferociously determined to quit smoking. There is no shame in getting lost or having set backs, just NEVER give up. It will be worth the fight now to reap the bounty later. I know you want to make the kids proud but you need your personal desire to succeed. We really do have to quit for ourselves.....quit because we WANT to.
    You can do it Lioness, we didn't think we could either, but we have. Just make up your mind!
  • Percy Verence July 29, 2021 | 8:39
    Please don't be hard on yourself, Lioness.

    Five cigarettes over the course of a day is not a binge - even though you succumbed to smoking, you still managed to resist smoking more. This is a great sign you're getting stronger.

    If you'd had a serious leg injury and you were learning to walk again, you would count how many steps you'd achieved - not how many times you fell over. Don't get sucked into the 'failure mindset' because all those negative emotions want a cigarette for company. You stumbled, that's all. Carry on with the good work.

    My Quit Date is tomorrow. I've spent all of today getting my head around it. If you're smoking now, how about a fresh start with me for company tomorrow? We can do this...

    Best Wishes.

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