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Posted in Staying quit 24 Jul 2021
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Many times in the past when I had the thought of quitting, I wouldn't entertain the thought of quitting, it was as though it was too scarey to even imagine being nic free.

Now when the thought of a drag,puff,inhale etc comes into mind I just keep thinking about the many people I've known over the years that used to smoke and quite, and Stayed quit. I am now one of those ex smokers. I no longer have to envy non smokers. I have made it out alive., and for this I am truly grateful. I also believe from the bottom of my heart that all smokers wished they had never started this disgusting addiction. A couple of things that helped me get stated,and I still do are, I prayed to help me want to, WANT TO stay quit. I read literature about the many benefits of staying smoke free, and by sharing with others how I'm feeling ,good or bad in this journey it helps with keeping myself accountable with my own smoke free life.

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1 Comment

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  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 25, 2021 | 8:19
    Love your story very inspirational. I too prayed. I prayed for help in being able to quit I pray to be kept smoke free throughout the day than I give thanks at night through prayer for being kept smoke free. Today I am 8 weeks smoke free. I Can identify so much with your story there is lots of truth in it for me too. Have a great day 🙏🌅

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