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Help please- relapse

Posted in Quit experiences 23 Jul 2021

I slipped up and trying to not go and buy a pack, so tough love needed please. Supported a longtime smoking friend through acute grief last night (including my own distress) had 2 smokes with her. I’m now making up reasons in my head to buy a pack, like- next few weeks will be very tough, I’ll be around her heaps, I don’t know how to manage this trauma. But at the same time I don’t want to withdraw again, I was nearly 3 weeks cold turkey. Have I already ruined it- or is that thought another excuse?? I’m angry with myself, needed to stick with NOPE, not sure I can stay quit right now. Any tips or advice greatly appreciated

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  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 25, 2021 | 8:28
    I second what softly and happiness have said. ❤️
  • Happiness July 23, 2021 | 23:44
    FEAR.....Forget Excuses/Accept Reality

    Smoking NEVER gave us anything EVER!
    What would it give you now except remorse? Guilt? Your freed money would be of more service to help deal with the situation as Softly suggested.
    Keep on with your determination to be free. There will always be excuses. (none- valid )
  • Loza July 23, 2021 | 8:21
    Thank you- exactly what I needed. No more excuses!
  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 23, 2021 | 7:53
    So, you slipped up, and now want to go whole hog and start again, what real reason have you to keep smoking. STOP now. It will not help your friend she is feeling emotional at the moment, just think how guilty she would feel if she knew she was the reason for you starting up.

    Empathy, can be shown in Oh so many ways, hugs; A card; a dinner made or given to her; Just being there, is enough. Give yourself all of the above, you have the money now. Nicotine has no sympathy for those who let in again. Just throw, the Nicotine monster away. It is not a coping strategy, it is a trap.

    This Grief can not be resolved by smoking. Ride the waves, with strength and love in your heart.....That's enough. NOPE (not one puff ever). Keep it close to you and come back here again.

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