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21 days

Posted in Quit experiences 19 Jul 2021

21 days today. No more cravings and smoking feels like a distant memory! I dreamt 2 days ago that I smoked a cigarette and was angry about it( in my dream). I was so happy and relieved when I woke up. Don't know why I had the dream in the first place cause I wasn't thinking about smoking! any hints???

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  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 19, 2021 | 21:23
    A huge congrats on your 21 days well done to you 🙌 what a relief it must of been to wake up and find it was only a dream😊
  • Nena77, Western Sydney July 19, 2021 | 23:02
    Well done. Sounds like you are well and truly a non-smoker. Keep it up.
  • Happiness July 19, 2021 | 23:24
    I also had a dream of smoking but here I am over 900 days smoke free. Our subconscious at work I suppose...but don't make it more than it means, just a wisp of the past.
    We can make smoking a distant memory, even quickly, when we embrace the changes made. Enjoy the new you and all the benefits bestowed upon you!
  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 20, 2021 | 8:00
    21 days well done Ghassan, I too had one dream of a cigarette early on in my quit, and I do believe it is the subconscious telling me something and I do not deny this, it is the changes you are making. Keep re-enforcing your own new desires into your brain. Keep re-enforcing your mantra and reasons to quit, I only had one dream but I kept repeating my own desires every day, then let it go.
  • Swapnil July 20, 2021 | 12:34
    Hi Ghassan,
    It's completely normal to have such dreams. I am smoke free from 300+ days, still I get those dreams and I too get very upset in my dreams.
    Keep going. That Nicotine named monster will do every possible trick upon you to fool you. Stay alert. Best of luck.
  • Aniruddha July 22, 2021 | 6:25
    Congrats. 21 days is a big milestone!!

    I am closing in on 3 years since I quit and even now I get those dreams of having smoked and feeling annoyed at myself. Only to wake up and realize that it was a dream.

    You are doing great!

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