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Dam it, I'm back again!

Posted in Getting started 18 Jul 2021

Hi everyone :-) I'm back again on my 1000000th quit attempt 😒 I realised I haven't been on here and posted a story in quite a long time! But once again I am attempting to quit (I'm only on day 3) this time around I have been using a nicotine vape everytime the cravings get bad. I have suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for the past 10 years that I take medication for daily. I have had a few good couple of months being able to manage my anxiety, but today (only day 3 of no actual smokes) my anxiety has peaked! I have just felt yucky and uneasy all afternoon and night & my mental state has been abit frazzled and I hate when this happens as it scares me :-( it almost makes me want to just smoke! I also thought it might be easier to try quit during the lockdown as I can't see any other smokers and can't do my normal routine as my employment has been put on hold. But because I have the added stress of being in lockdown, I'm debating whether this is the right time, but in saying that, at the moment I just don't have the income to be able to keep smoking so freely at the moment... so annoying!

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  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 19, 2021 | 21:43
    Stick with us and just keep posting stories as much as you need to ❤️
  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 19, 2021 | 7:47
    KingKeiz, the thing I like about you is the ability to get back on your horse, and go again and again, but hey! lets stop the horse from galloping this time, no excuses, not even the lockdown. There are many things in life that throws us curve balls, and we must try to handle things differently, but with a different perspective, if we take the time to really be honest and find that love within ourselves.

    You need to do the work, you need to practice every day mentally or written out NOPE (not one puff ever), you need to find the top reasons to quit, you need to believe in yourself, you need to think of one thing in your day which gave you the most joy without that cigarette, and keep it foremost in your mind before you go to sleep. You need to meditate with your favourite tape as many times in the day as you want, until you can do this meditation on your own.

    All these repetitive things, get deep into your psyche, if you continue without a pause, as you may have done with your anxiety. Aids do help but you are your best Ali. Do the work and come back again.

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