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Posted in Staying quit 14 Jul 2021

I had smoked for 38 years. Its my 35th day smoke free, I went cold turkey and really didnt miss not smoking. But it really hit me around day 30 the restless nights, anxiety and uncontroled tears. The thoughts of going back to smoke just so I wouldnt feel the way i have been. I havent gone back as i really dont have a urge to smoke or want one. I just dont want to feel the way I am feeling the anxiety etc. Is there a end to it? Im sure the lockdown hasnt helped either. My docotor has been really supportive and gettimg me to check in every couple of days as he is a ex smoker to. Im just hoping i will feel better soon so i can enjoy the feeling of being a none smoker. :)

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  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 14, 2021 | 20:54
    Hi depie74 I'm 45 days smoke free cold turkey without experiencing to much on the craving front however I have experienced some really strong anxiety the past 2-3 weeks. From previous experience I knew that picking up a cigarette was not going to help it in the long run. It has eased of this week however I still went and seen a doctor to get a referral to speak with a professional. Quitting smoking has triggered anxiety in me but I am determined to go through it with professional help rather than burying everything under puffs of smoke. This to shall pass and when it does we will still be smoke free. Hang in there because I recon that when it does pass we will have triple the amount of awesome non smoker positive energy to pick up🙌❤️🙏😊
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 14, 2021 | 20:56
    Also meditation can help it's easy enough to google. I really enjoy Sarah blondin
  • Happiness July 14, 2021 | 22:37
    Meditation and exercise can help with anxiety. Food and seratonin in it regulates mood.., tryptophan helps sleep, as does melatonin. Research and learn.

    Did you know that learning helps to raise our dopamine, which is what pleasure sensor smoking hit. So replace it with other things to get that hit of dopamine.....smell lavender, eat chocolate, hug , kiss and do things that make your feel good. Spend time with loved ones and doing things that make your happy. Think happy thoughts, look at pictures Think positive.

    Thinking of the benefits of quitting smoking can help negate the unwanted feelings. Remember that you really are missing nothing and gaining so much more for your decision to be a no-smoker. You can go ahead and smoke, you are an adult, no one will stop you. Quitting smoking is something that YOU decided was important to do. You should be feeling good about yourself for managing this long and that you can continue. Soon, it will not feel like such an effort, the anxiety will subside. Smoking is NOT the answer.
  • VAR51 July 16, 2021 | 17:16
    Congratulations depie on making one of the most important decisions of your life. This year, after 29 years of addiction, I celebrated my 10th year of being smoke free. On april 3, 2011, I suffered a stroke while asleep and woke up unable to breathe or speak. It was only the quick action of my partner that saved my life. It took hours for me to come around and be able to speak, quite a while afterwards to be able to speak without hesitation. The doctor told me that to continue smoking would be a death sentence or worse, living disabled. I never went back, but it wasn't easy. What you are feeling is perfectly normal..after all, you have been assaulting your brain several times a day with a very powerful drug! Cigarettes are our "run to" fix when times get hard. My mind set was NOT to go back, NOT to end up disabled or dead so that was half the battle for me. I went "cold turkey", no patches, gums or pills. One thing that shocked me was how tired I was in the beginning, how much I wanted to sleep and the sleep helped me get through the withdrawal. I remember being smoke free my first week ...couldn't believe I had not had one cigarette. I felt so proud, so happy. But I realized I had to learn how to find a way to handle life troubles without them and that was not so easy. There were times I ranted, I cried, pounded the table with my fist..I didn't know how to handle troubles without having that cigarette to calm me. But it got easier and easier and easier as time went by. Months later that anxiety was a small "pull" in the middle of my stomach, reminding me of those killers in the pack that I used to run to. It takes time, it takes work but you can do it, you will reach your goals and learn to live as a non smoker who will find your way to live life without the nicotine. It has been a decade now and smoking is a distant memory. Yes, I smoked but I really don't relate to it any longer. There is a Japanese saying that goes. "Fall down seven times, stand up eight"...I had that on my computer screen for months during my quit. If you should fall off the wagon it is not the end of the world, you stand up and do it again, no matter how long it takes. I wish you the best of luck and a long smoke free life!!!
  • KelzRuby July 18, 2021 | 21:44
    Hi there, your story is very inspiring to read :-)
    I myself quit before in the past but I have only ever made it to 2 months and then picked up the habit again :-(
    I have done alot of research and have an understanding that quitting purely comes down to the mental aspect of it. I myself have suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for the past 10 years, this time around I have only been quit for 3 days, and the anxiety I have had today (day 3) is so annoying! Couldnt sleep much last night and woke up sweating like crazy!!! Because I know what an anxiety condition feels like, I have been doing pretty good in managing it the past few months, but today I have felt so off to the point where I'm like is this really worth it? But then at the same time I am trying to tell myself that it is 100000% worth it as my employment has been put on hold due to the lockdown so I do not have the funds to keep smoking freely at the moment, so I really hope this anxiety yukiness passes soon :-(

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