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Posted in Getting started 08 Jul 2021

Hi, guys, its good to be part of this group. I have just started on Champix and am terrified`!!! I have been a heavy smoker for 50 years but have reasons to quit now. Looking for support and any advice on Champix.

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  • Happiness July 09, 2021 | 22:56
    Champix is not nicotine based and shuts down the sensors that gives us enjoyment from smoking. All quit smoking aids should be used with councelling, even if a forum like us. Understanding yourself and nicotine is really the key. Read, learn and BELIEVE that you can quit. This quit CAN be different if you look at smoking in a different way.

    Freeing ourselves from nicotine addiction is only one step. The second is to change the habit, or psychological dependency on thinking that we need to smoke to relieve stress, boredom, anxiety and a host of other things. We need to stop seeing it as a reward for doing a job, a precursor for doing anything,
    Once we see the truth and admit that we were drugged and addicted by nicotine and then duped into believing that we enjoyed it, we can stop thinking of smoking as we once did, and accept that it was easier to smoke than to quit. BELIEVE that you CAN quit. It does not have to be as hard as they say when it is something that you truly WANT to do.

    We only enjoyed smoking because it relieved the cravings it caused when we lit up. We fell into the cycle and let it rule how we think and spent our time. It stole our health, wealth and our will. We felt powerless, at its mercy, afraid to quit after finding we did get cravings when we fought it.
    Cravings are thoughts, and turning your thoughts elsewhere makes them less threatnening. They also say its feeding time, and that you are in control.
    We are stronger than we think. We CAN quit smoking. It can even be easier than you were led to believe.
  • Gerbil July 09, 2021 | 15:47
    Thanks, softly 40, at the moment i am overseas where you get Champix over the counter,….im desperately tryimg to get back to Oz. The pharmacist gave me totally wrong advice on the use of Champix so luckiky ive read a lot and have friends to advise me.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 09, 2021 | 9:08
    Welcome Gerbil, I was on Champix, and this worked for me, albeit only half a dose, this still worked. I had nightmarish dreams so I cut the dosage in half with the blessing of my GP. It is not suitable for some people, which is why you should be monitored by your doctor, some others who have been on this site, have adjusted their dosage meaning the last dose was taken with food, such as their dinner in the evening.

    There is no need to be scared, you would not be given a script if it was thought your body could not handle it.

    In saying that, it does not let you off the hook by not preparing yourself, and setting a date to stop the can read and find out more about the addictive part of the cigarette "Nicotine" and read any posts on here to help you out any time. Come back again
  • Gerbil July 09, 2021 | 8:29
    Thank you, guys, your comments and support mean a lot to me.
    We can do this!
  • ghassan July 09, 2021 | 0:49
    Heavy smoker for 40 years (only 10 days off cigarettes (I don't think I can call myself ex-smoker as yet!) I have tried Champix last year for 2 months then stopped them. They did decrease my craving or need for a smoke but I never stopped completely even one champs maybe because I didn't want to stop. Anyway 10 days ago I stop suddenly, well actually I was scared when I felt like pain in my calf after few hundred meters (arteriopathy!). So if you really have a reason to stop you can do it.
    With Champix you can start with half a tablet and progress at your own pace. the most important is to stop completely once and for all.

    Best of luck of all of us.
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 09, 2021 | 0:10
    Welcome 🙌I don't have any experience with Champix but t still just wanna wish you best of luck and looking forward to reading further posts on how your doing 😊

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