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Posted in Getting started 03 Jul 2021

i started somking 4th standard in school now i am 53 years old my quit plan started 5 days now . i stop smoking suddenly my smoking habit 20 cigarates for 3 days before . now i am very happy and getting good sleep back to mouth teste better

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 04, 2021 | 8:54
    Welcome puthuva, I am so glad you are happy, we need to keep our happiness in our thoughts every day, I hope you are doing well during your lockdown restrictions during this current Covid period. Keep well and happy NOPE (not one puff ever)
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 03, 2021 | 21:56
    Good on you and welcome. I love hearing of the benefits we receive when we quit smoking 😊🙌❤️
  • Happiness July 03, 2021 | 21:29
    There are many benefits to quitting smoking.
    Less stress about health, finances and social functions where we needed to sneak off for our fix.
    Smoking never relieved stress, it caused it. Smoking certainly never benefited our health. Smoking raised our blood pressure and introduced poisons to our bodies. Smoking slowed us down and made us less productive. Smoking makes us cough regularly as the celia try to keep our lungs clean, until we coated them with so much tar that they become useless. My cough became weaker and weaker..........Thankfully I have a strong healthy cough now. Many found bouts of coughing after quitting smoking. I feared because I did not! I stopped having shortness of breath almost immediately after quitting smoking. The body is amazing. The mind is too.
    Keep on with the positive attitude and the want of better things for you!

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