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Posted in Reasons to quit 03 Jul 2021

I am a mother of 3 and work full time, I was always sitting around drinking coffee and smoking 20+ smokes a day. My breathing use to get hard I would struggle to go for a walk of have energy to play with my kids. I started my cut down as of this morning as well as my weight loss journy. I have alot of goals and alot to succeed and would love to help others start where I'm at so they to can have a happier healthier life style.

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  • Happiness July 03, 2021 | 21:39
    Every post is of help to someone. Someone relates and even those who may not want to read new stories. No newspapers can exist without reporting.
    Our forum is a place to come for support, ideas , friendships even. You need never feel alone, and that is why I try to respond to everyone who posts.
    Everyone is different, yet we are all the same. We can quit smoking, some easier than others. No one has yet regretted quitting.
    Welcome and make this quit the last one!
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW July 03, 2021 | 21:52
    Hi there winegal. Firstly thankyou for posting your story about where you are at. My journey started where you are now. I started to notice all the things I couldn't do and how smoking was effecting my everyday life, my health,my wellbeing ,my finances, in fact it affected every aspect of my life and it affected negatively. Not in anyway did it make any positive contribution to anything. Secondly I thought it easier to answer the questions you asked me here. I went cold turkey because I didn't want to have anything else to wean myself off. I figured if I could get through the first three days cold turkey than I should be able to continue on smoke free permanently. I made sure that my first day I was at home and able to pull the doona up over my head and block the world out if I needed to. And that I did. It's been a long process to get to this point. I have never given up on trying to give up. I find for me the encouragement I receive here really helps me along which also means it's very helpful to myself and others if I leave a comment on their posts to. Best of luck with it and stick with us😊❤️
  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 04, 2021 | 8:48
    Welcome aboard winegal, you will be most welcome to post your experiences, through this forum anytime, your response to another automatically gives them support. Thanks for posting.

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