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Day 2

Posted in Quit experiences 20 Dec 2012

Going ok... i have noticed im eating more which stresses me out and kinda makes me crave for a cig, but i am not going to.

I have the Allen Carr book on my smartphone so i can always refer to it when i think im craving and it helps. I kinda wish i was on Zyban, as i know it really does help "even" me out.

having a lot of lost feelings like "I normally would have a smoke and do this...." and now i dont know what to do with myself, so i kinda need to learn other stuff to do.

Being at work is the hardest for me, cause its usually my excuse to leave my desk, but i think i should just go for a quick walk instead. Its kinda hard atm cause i have a fractured toe and am in a boot thing lol.

Anyways, im going strong and determined to stay a non-smoker :)

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