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Stay Strong!

Posted in Quit experiences 13 Jun 2021

Once I realized how much I’ve been lied to by “the powers that be”, I have been free. Today is Day... hmm don’t even know... I quit on April 28th... not one puff, not one gum, not one vape, totally cold turkey...smoked for...hmm... 50-14... whatever that is... don’t want to get caught up in “numbers”.... I’ve put on a few pounds which is ok with me and I’m aware of it.... I’ve noticed my energy is way, way, way up after day 30 or so... i feel great and really have a strong handle on this, this time.... if I can quit? Anyone can, for real... I thought I was going to die as a smoker....keep up the good work all you fellow quitters!!! ❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊😛

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  • sushil June 15, 2021 | 18:11
    Thats a great feeling. Good luck and keep going.
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW June 14, 2021 | 19:37
  • Happiness June 13, 2021 | 20:22
    my sediments exactly. ❤

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