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Irregularities in quitting

Posted in Quit experiences 27 May 2021

Hi Guys,

This it the 3rd week and I must say i was happy in the first 2 weeks to not smoke. But boredom and lack of anything to so set in and i bought a pack and another in the 3rd week. I found out i don't enjoy it as much but unable to stay away.

I was performing better at the gym and my runs but now feels like I am tossing it away.

Any tips or tricks to quit buying a pack and staying that way would be appreciated.

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  • Happiness May 28, 2021 | 3:00
    We learn about ourselves through our trials and errors. Yes, you were free of nicotine for a couple weeks, but I, like you didn't know about the psychological dependence on smoking.

    We are stronger than nicotine. You know that , you were free of it but could adjust to life without the habit of smoking. Still , you learned that your fitness is definitely affected by smoking and regret that. This is all powerful for our adjustment in mindset. Do try again and be proud every day you stay smoke free and feel the benefits. Find something to fill the boredom.....not that smoking was exciting, but we do have gaps in our day. This should help you to realize just how much it ruled us.

    Perhaps you should take a break with your phone and stand out in the rain. Stand in a corner to play. Anything as equally stupid to bring the reality home. Stick a pencil in your ear and pretend you are smoking.........You think......what? stupid????? Oh yeah, it's cool to systematically poison ourselves and have the luxury of paying for it while enduring all sorts of weather and inconveniences.

    It is not cool to smoke. Get with the times. The new thing is to stand in the rain with pencils in your ears!
  • Robn May 27, 2021 | 22:16
    Hi Jram, you need to change your mindset. Make the smokes something you really hate, make your mind up that you never want to smoke again.
    In other words, commit to the quit 100%. Don’t make excuses to smoke, I am bored, I can just have one etc. practice NOPE...not one puff ever. There is always something else you can do to avoid smoking if it is truly what you want. You are choosing to smoke, you can also choose not to. Hope this helps.

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