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Posted in Getting started 25 May 2021

Hi all i am a first time quiter I have been a smoker for the age of 16 I am now 53 and smoke around 10 smokes a day depending on how I was feeling Saturday is the day I will clear out all tobacco products in my house I have started on nrt patches and gum since the 23rd I have had about 5 smokes and a few gum reading all the success story's and the support they recive from fellow smokers give me great incurigment

Thanks for reading

Best wishes to all

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  • Janebella May 25, 2021 | 19:25
    That should have said fellow non smokers also
    Best wishes all
  • Happiness May 25, 2021 | 22:03
    Welcome Janebella.
    It sounds like you have been reading and getting your thoughts together for this change in your life. Look forward to it with anticipation and embrace the signs of change. as they appear. Cravings are just mere thoughts, or little alarm bells to remind you of feeding time. Smile and think, now the time is more demands. You are in control and it is whining , trying to get your attention. Turn your thoughts elsewhere and ignore them and they will subside quickly. Never debate. What is there to debate when you have made up your mind and you know that you are right.
    No one has ever wished that they were a smoker. We did not even really choose to be smokers. Nicotine is an addictive drug and we fell into the trap, but now we know that we can escape it . We did and you can too. BELIEVE it.
    We are stronger than nicotine. Think of the positives......

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