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92 days smoke free me

Posted in Staying quit 23 May 2021

Hi y'all! I just wanted to check in and thank everyone on this site who helped me and encouraged me in my struggle to finally be free. It's 92 days of freedom from cigarettes. I still have that pack of smokes in my kitchen drawer that I mostly forget about. I do want to confess that early in my quit process, I was smoking a lot of marijuana to help me quit. I don't recommend going this route because I eventually developed an addiction to weed but now I've been completely sober for the the past 42 days. I joined a 12 step fellowship which has been super just like the people on this website. Thank you so much for your stories, experiences, insights and words of encouragement. I could not have done it alone. What I learned in my fellowship program is that addiction is a brain disease so don't blame yourself for failing and relapsing so many times. Give yourself a break by loving yourself and reaching out to others fo r help and support. Love is the only drug that also gives you that dopamine hit you've been seeking with nicotine. Also, make quitting fun by learning about it. Learning new things also so gives you the hit of dopamine. I hope my story helps someone else as I have been helped from other's stories. Keep on shining your light no matter what, never stop trying to beat this serious addiction. You're so worth it!! I'll keep coming back to read other people's stories and to light the way for those who may be struggling. I've quit so many times and relapsed so many times I seriously lost count just start where you are right now forgive yourself, love yourself one day at a time.

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  • softly40 , Mid North Coast May 24, 2021 | 9:16
    Wonderful news Princess, being sober and giving up the cigarette, is a huge accomplishment, for some on this site drinking and smoking seem to go together. For me it was coffee and smoking, I was a coffee-holic, of course this probably cannot be classed in the same way as alcohol, but it was difficult at first to overcome.

    It was a good idea to go to your 12 step programme because you will get help for so many ways to live your life, we do recommend a change in lifestyle, with joy and love in your heart as you progress on this website, the mental attitude is so important to adopt. I am glad you do know that smoking another drug is just adding another hurdle to overcome, we were drug addicts enough, everyone thought they needed the hit of nicotine to help us through life, when really we just had to research the product, and use our own initiative to develop better habits along with Joy and happiness for the things we have in our life which are more important than smoking.

    We can all be free and happy if we put our mind to it wholeheartedly. Congratulations for 92 days of freedom I do suggest you still use NOPE (not one puff ever) this worked for me. Keep in touch
  • Princess Mononoke January 29, 2022 | 2:12
    Thank you so much softly40! I'm still going strong free from nicotine and marijuana. There are times I think about having a cigarette but I let the thought go and tell myself that it's not a good idea. What's crazy is the craving to smoke cigarettes is so much stronger than weed for me, but you are correct we CAN be happy and free if we put our mind to it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me!

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