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5 Sleeps until i try again

Posted in Getting started 13 Dec 2012

Okay, so i have avoided signing on here cause my very confident first day of not smoking ended up in flames.

I, like alot of smokers, have more than a few trys at staying quit.

Im currently reading "Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking" and its offering me a way to quit smoking that is understandable, interesting (as i love how the brain works) and apparently "Easy" as stipulated in the title and by many testimonials.

im quarter of the way thru it (Only started today) and have already noticed my mindframe changing very quickly, have noticed that i havent smoked much today either - i had a smoke before i started work and another at lunch time. I normally would have had a few more in between there somewhere.

So im estimating that by monday 17th i will no longer be smoking, depending that i get the book finished by then (busy next few days may stand in the way), but my fingers are crossed that this method works for me like the apparent 90% of people before me, that have read the book.

Will keep u posted.  

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  • EmKa82 December 14, 2012 | 0:43
    Well done for setting a new quit date!
    Ive read that book... I personally highlighted the bits that really got to me so that I can refer back to them. I havent had to yet. Im only on day 8 though. Im also using patches... the second stage (the first ones were making me feel icky) but Im not having cravings. Remember to believe in yourself and remember why you want to quit. You can do it! Take care:)
  • 14UJO December 14, 2012 | 10:34
    I'm on day 25 from reading Allen Carr's book. I've actually suprised myself and doing it cold turkey. I had no intentions of quiting, was given the book to read, and hear I am.......... kind of like a light bulb moment.... Week 3 was hard, but I mustered through it, and feeling alot better about being closer to week 4......... I agree, highlight the bits that you really work for you.... Good luck :-)

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