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How do you keep on track

Posted in Hints and tips 22 May 2021

How do you keep on track when you start smoking heaps after smoking less.

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  • Gemma23 May 23, 2021 | 11:44
    Hi katiegirl me and you are in the same boat
    I have been trying to stop smoking this last half of year.
    It's mind set we just have to say right thats it I don't want to smoke no more
    I don't want to smell like a ashtray in my hair in my clothes
    I want to be healthier and more money and be free
    Not let it take control of us.
    We can help each other
    I have just put my last ciggerate out and about to put a patch on
    I no what to exoect with cravings and so mamy times I give in and the feel awful for letting it get the better of me.
    No more
    Tag team together and we can do this.
    Put your patch on and be ready when them cravings hit
    Tell yourself no I'm not giving into you any more
    I will win this addiction.
    We are better than nicotine
    And it does nothing for us what so ever.
    I have a friend she's in her 60s and this friend would still smoke around me when I had quit before and that made it hard for me.
    But the shoe is on the other foot
    She just had surgery a week today and hasn't had a smoke
    I am so proud of her.
    If she can we can.
  • Katiegirl , Hunter New England May 23, 2021 | 12:55
    Ok we will do this together
  • Gemma23 May 23, 2021 | 13:05
    Katie yea we qill and we will succeed
    My patch is on and we will do this
  • Katiegirl , Hunter New England May 23, 2021 | 13:21
    I’ve taken the champix table so I’m ready to do this

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