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Easing in to quitting

Posted in Getting started 17 May 2021
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I knew for a while that I needed to quit smoking not just for my health but financially as well as I had just bought the motorcycle of my dreams and needed to pay it off and also have the money to service it. My journey started with the latest car I bought, it didn't have an ashtray so I could no longer smoke while driving as I refuse to throw butts out the window because of the fire hazard (and litter). After that I extended it to not smoking at work and wear a patch (I smoke less at work than at home). After 1 month of doing that I planned out my final cigarette to be before I went to sleep so that I woke up with no cigarettes in the house. I'm nearly 3 weeks in and I wear patches most days. I still get cravings especially after a meal but then I would have to go and buy a packet which I don't want to do and by the time I have finished arguing with myself the actual craving has gone. My journey is mine alone but if it helps someone else on theirs then I'm glad I shared.

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  • Happiness May 17, 2021 | 22:43
    Baby steps.

    We have to learn to walk before we run.
    We totter at first but get stronger and edge out a little further. We build self confidence. Once we master something it becomes easy. Now to explore those cupboards!

    A baby is fearless.
    We learn through seeing and believing.
    Your journey may be yours alone, but you are not alone.
    Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. easier to turn your thoughts to something else and not get into any debate at all!

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