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Posted in Staying quit 17 May 2021
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I’d stopped for 20 years then my daughter and son both were having health issues and my wife was stressed about her business so I started smoking again. I want to handle stress better.

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  • Happiness May 17, 2021 | 22:58
    Smoking does not relieve stress.

    We have been drugged and addicted to nicotine via cigarettes. We did not believe that we could become addicted to such a vile thing in the beginning.
    Too late, we discovered that we were "hooked". Like a fish, we turned and tried to flee but to no avail.

    We can be free.
    Nicotine is no wonder drug. It does not relieve boredom, anxiety, stress, insomnia, constipation or heart ache. Why then would we reach for it to celebrate? We reach for it when we are in any state of emotion.

    We reached for it because were are in denial.

    We can now believe that it does absolutely nothing. It just causes stress and ill health and empty pockets. It takes. It never gives anything positive.

    When we quit smoking, we not only reverse the above but gain more confidence in ourselves.

    Exercise relieves stress not nicotine. Look good, smell good and be proud to once again be a non-smoker. This time around be thankful you are. Life is great as a non-smoker.

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