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Doing this for my boys

Posted in Getting started 05 May 2021

Hey guys :-)

So I am day 6 of not having a smoke I have gone cold turkey.. It’s been on the cards for a while now and getting the flu last week turned me of smoking and I have continued to not have a smoke :-) I am a single mum with 2 amazing little boys even thow I work full time the $ side of it wasn’t an issue but it can allow me to save towards future goals a lot quicker . I won’t lie I suffer from anxiety and more so medical anxiety :-( it’s moderate at times and the last 2-3 days it’s been terrible I feel like I have something wrong my body is aching my back is sore my stomach is a lot gassier then normal my lungs feel a bit off and I have had a few little pains here and there but I’m not coughing to much is this normal ? I also feel a little of balance, tired and it’s all worrying me I honestly feel better smoking then not . Please tell me I will start to feel a million percent better soon ?

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  • Happiness May 06, 2021 | 0:49
    You are amongst the ranks of the norm. Most people here experience some sort of change in moods and sleep and even physically.
    Less coughing is good. Your lungs are breathing easier. Once your celia recover they may sweep the lungs clear and you may again experience phlegm and debris from your lungs being swept out in a few weeks. I was concerned when I did not experience that.
    I had no negative changes when I quit cold turkey. I truly believe that we experience what we EXPECT to happen. I slept like a baby. I could take deep breaths without hacking up a lung. I embraced the quit and had no difficulties. It is like the nicotineman is trying to trick you into feeding him. He knows that he might be giving you the excuse you need to quit quitting smoking. The nicotineman or your subconscious?
    When we stop debating the issue and just make up our minds, there is no more pull in two directions. The nicotineman knows it is easier to keep on smoking and preys on that. We know that easier is not better.
    Look forward to being in control and crush that beast from your life.
    Your children deserve more and so do you.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast May 06, 2021 | 6:57
    Welcome Lulu, hang in there it does get easier. This is the time you need to work on your meditation and deep breathing, as much as you like, it does balance your body and mind out, and your perspective is much better regarding anything that is going on in your life. I would guess you have done this before if you have problems with anxiety.

    My self belief came about, when I did embrace my quit, one of the best things I did was practice, writing down the joys I had during my day before I went to sleep, believe me you do have one or two...soon your list is large, and you will feel more secure and happy within yourself. I also realized earlier before my quit, that if you do something for yourself first the benefits will carry on to your children, in other words if you feel happy and strong about anything, your children pick up on this. Your reasons to quit can include your children but your deepest reasons also needs to be written down, it could be something simple like I want my lungs to appreciate the fresh air, during my waking day.

    You might find that practicing NOPE (not one puff ever) will help you every day, along with deep breathing (slow breath out) your body and mind will accept this and help you to believe in yourself too. Keep in touch.

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