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Posted in Staying quit 05 May 2021

I quite because like everyone else I knew it was slowly killing me. After two months, and really recognizing how winded I'd be after shot spurts of energy I just figured it will go away the longer I stay nicotine free. I went for a chest x-ray last week and today found out that I have COPD. I wasn't shocked to hear this. Upset, yes with myself, but I will do the do, and live as healthy and as happy as can be now that I'm not a prisoner to the poison nicotine. This is not a death sentence hearing that I have COPD, just the opposite, I will now live my life with freedom and peace of mind. hang in there everyone. J.F.T

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  • Happiness May 06, 2021 | 0:33
    I was borderline COPD and continued to smoke for another 3 years. Once I had quit smoking for a year, my new doctor did not mention it. I felt great, no more shortness of breath incidents. You will find quite a bit of relieve too as a non smoker. Sometimes just acknowledging the realities can bring change. We denied reality when we didn't think it was possible to change. We can change when we believe and put our minds to the task. We are proof that we can quit smoking. Half the battle is over before we have begun, when we believe. Think positive. Life is great as a non-smoker!
  • Benson , Hunter New England May 10, 2021 | 19:53
    Hi Danny, sorry to hear diagnosis. I got my diagnoses 5 days ago. Hit me for six with same symptoms as yourself. Ive gone from 10 ciggys a day to 3. tried cold turkey was just too hard. But my coughing has nearly stopped. Well, from coughing all day to only a couple a coughs per day. Ive only been doing this now since diagnosis as I just feel different and think i wont be able to breath without oxygen supply in 5 years maybe less if i kept smoking the way i did. Now ive got to try and exercise which i have not done for 10 years. Good luck on your journey danny.
  • MATINA88 July 08, 2021 | 7:16

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