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Hunter New England

Anxiety - physical symptoms at night without cravings

Posted in Quit experiences 04 May 2021

hi everyone. i am on my tenth day and feeling very strong regarding the quit and rare cravings. however, in the night i wake with full anxiety physical symptoms, no cravings. wave of nausea, heart fast, chet pain, panicky. has anyone else had this and did it last long/what did you do?

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast May 04, 2021 | 8:22
    Welcome Spiderbait, it is early days yet, but my experience has been waking up at night, with strong nightmarish dreams, and I guess anxiety which would go along with this. I never felt sick, and never had chest pain. Others might have had this experience.

    "Full blown anxiety symptoms" sounds as if you have had some experience with this before stopping the smokes. You do not mention what NRT you are on if any? I might suggest you get a check up with your GP to put your mind at rest and to rule out any other underlying physical conditions.

    You are doing so well regardless of what is happening, and I am glad you are feeling strong regarding the quit. it certainly will not help in smoking again, let us know what your GP says and in the meantime, a few doses of deep breathing with a slow breath out might help with some meditation practice which would help in the present and in future situations.
  • Happiness May 04, 2021 | 10:09
    Health concerns should be ruled out by your doctor. Everyones quit is different and I have no experience with anxiety attacks but here that it seems to be prevalent in quitters here. That is why I recommend learning to actually WANT to quit. No reservations. Loose the fear and apprehension and replace it with joy and wonderment. You are in for a treat. It is worth it.

    Exercise, meditation, deep breathing and even some foods help with dopamine, and seretonine level to ease anxiety. Certain foods are as good as melatonine for restful sleep. Pistachios are one.

    I hope you feel better about it all soon.
  • Spiderbait, Hunter New England May 05, 2021 | 0:44
    oh i definitely want to and am ready and strong. it turns out i usually wake up to smoke and it is an automatic reaction. just some affirmations before bed has done the trick! who would have thought.
  • Happiness May 05, 2021 | 4:32
    The mind is a wonderful tool. Use it.

    Think positive and embrace the quit. We will quit smoking when we accept that we are ready to and when we BELIEVE that we can.

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