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Posted in Quit experiences 27 Apr 2021
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NRT and avoiding smokers and pubs

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  • Happiness April 27, 2021 | 12:31
    Hello Nobby.2450 . Nice of you to let us know of your presence. I hope you have been reading our stories and learning about the mindset. While NRT;s do help in the transition, It is getting your head engaged with a new outlook on smoking as a whole. Realizing that it does nothing, solves nothing and costs everything will help you tremendously. Desire a better future and the freedom that cigarettes hold you back from. You can quit smoking.

    Personally, I wanted to give up smoking, not my friends and entertainment. I still went out with smoking friends on breaks. Hubby smoked indoors next to me. It was I who CHOSE to quit whether he followed or not. (He did) Only you know what's best for you in that regard. Some get rid of cigarettes, others like me also had them tucked away. I was choosing to not smoke.
    It is not just about breaking the addiction to nicotine which can be done in a matter of hours, but of adapting to life without one in hand.
    To truly be free and a happy non-smoker it is worth learning the mindset.

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