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Help - it has a hold on me

Posted in Getting started 25 Apr 2021

Today is the day - my last night of smoking. Tomorrow I will begin this difficult journey and I believe this time I can succeed. It has such a hold on my life and I need it to stop. Mine is a mental hold I fear this journey and hope I can get some of the support I need from here. Thanks guys

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  • Seashell , Northern Sydney April 26, 2021 | 19:24
    Hey how did you go?
    I started today also. I’m a heavy smoker so I’m pleased I only had 7. I’m hoping to reduce that tomorrow.
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast April 26, 2021 | 7:55
    Welcome Strider, yes lets change your thinking a bit to start with and you can enjoy the Journey, who wouldn't be glad to feel that skip in your step, to be able to shop for the things you could not afford to have in the past, to save money for a holiday or a deposit for a home.

    To feel like you belong in this beautiful world and not be shunned for your habit. To grow into a person who learns and discovers the joys that research brings to you personally.

    Let nothing stop you, mostly your own mind. practice NOPE (not one puff ever) every day.
  • Happiness April 25, 2021 | 22:15
    You haven't even started yet it is hard.

    My quit was easy.

    Nicotine is a drug. We got hooked. We did not choose to smoke.

    Then we further let them get into our heads and told us it was hard to quit.
    We made all sorts of excuses to keep it rather than look weak not being able to quit. Afraid to quit. Why?
    We really have known that it was bad for us.
    We really did know that we would choose to quit if we thought we could.
    BELIEVE it you CAN!
    A pencil hanging out of your mouth is healthier and does just as much.
    When you read and learn and acknowledge the truth, it makes it easier to step away from something that you see differently.
    It was not your friend, in any way. Don't mourn it's loss but instead look happily to a brighter future .
    EMBRACE this wonderful journey. No one has yet to ever regret being a happy non-smoker.
    Mindset is the game changer.....the positive mindset makes it easier.
  • Gemma23 April 25, 2021 | 19:38
    Hi strider. Don't think of it as a difficult journey
    You should be excited and happy that you are going to stop smoking.
    I always very recently have stopped smoking and yes I do struggle 1st thing in the morning but I come straight here and look at positive stories to get me going. Once I'm up and doing something I can handle it. Just remember you can have a ciggerate Any time you want but you are now choosing not to smoke any more.
    What's there to fear only fear.itself

    Cravings don't cause.use physical pain it's more of just a thought but we are so much stronger than the cravings we can beat them and be proud once we have.
    Best of luck on your journey

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