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Posted in Quit experiences 23 Apr 2021

Hello, i quit for 6weeks already, right now, im experiencing fast heart rate and tiredness. Is there anyone having this symptomps also? Is this because of nicotine withdrawal?

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  • Happiness April 23, 2021 | 20:54
    If you haven't had these difficulties from the onset they are probably not likely to be linked to non-smoking. Any concerning medical issues should be presented to your doctor. Anxiety will only exasperate these issue...see a doctor. and ease your mind.
    Congratulations on your six weeks. Be proud.
  • DannyO April 24, 2021 | 7:59
    I have over 50 days of smokes, I get tired more than I did, and my blood pressure is higher than normal most days. So I am having the same symptoms has above. From what I have been told by many is that a lot of people will start smoking again because they feel it isn't worth the crappy feelings.
    The bottom line is though things will get better and stay better the longer I'm away from inhaling poison. Trust, hope and faith. I trust in the process.
  • Happiness April 24, 2021 | 22:16
    Some feel crappy because of they miss that jolt of dopamine or pleasure sensation given on that first drag. Dopamine is replaced by other good things that excite and please us....lavendar, chocolate, hugs, learning, accomplishment, , so do things that you enjoy.

    Serotonin is responsible for our happy moods. It is found in foods.
    One brazil nut has 197% of our daily requirements. It may be a natural way to fight depression.

    Trytophan is found in turkey and aids in sleep. I think we can all relate to the sleepiness after stuffing ourselves with turkey dinners at Thanksgiving .

    Blood pressure is affected by our thoughts. Deep breaths bring it down. If you can't turn your brain off, perhaps meditation will help you to learn.

    We can control what we eat. We can find ways to relax. You make up your mind as to how you deal with it. You find a way or you make an excuse.

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