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Starting again

Posted in Getting started 19 Apr 2021

So after several relapses, I’ve taken time to think, reflect and have decided to start my quit date over again.

I am ready for a new day 1 of N.O.P.E and am determined to stay away this time. My triggers seem to be straight after work, I go to a shop, buy a pack and then Chuck them away as soon as I’m home and have smoked 2-3.

I am so over it. Over my addiction ruling my life, making me feel like a failure constantly. I am not looking back - only forward. It’s the beginning of a very long journey for me and I’m going to do it.

Any tips or tricks on getting through that journey home would be much appreciated😊

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast April 19, 2021 | 9:06
    Ah! Chance we learn something about ourselves by taking responsibility for our own triggers, I remember doing something like this and it is really the habit of going to that cigarette counter, and buying that pack of cigarettes. It is also the thought that you deserve this after a good job done. This needs to stop!!

    You need to understand that Nicotine is the drug that keeps pulling you back, and your new job is to find different habits and thoughts which give you the joy and rewards which follow.

    Reward your first day with something other than cigarettes, something simple like a pat on the back, or give yourself a strawberry dipped in chocolate, anything which gives you the sense that you can and need to change your habits. I gave myself gold stars on one quit attempt, the money in the bank has grown so much I still cannot believe it. I am glad to see NOPE (not one puff ever) is in your vocabulary. Learn and read and stay in touch.
  • Happiness April 19, 2021 | 10:03
    There is plenty of information to take from comments and replies given to those posting. Read and Learn. Keep trying, you will succeed . Positive thinking is crucial...Yes you can!

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