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How I quit smoking in 10 days

Posted in Hints and tips 15 Apr 2021

Hi, my name is shifra Nakibuuka. I'm not a doctor or a guest lecturer Instead, I used to be a chain smoker for over 10 years.

I quit smoking 5 years ago, and today I am a proud mother of two living with my husband in South Africa, Western cape

I struggled many years trying to quit smoking. There's nothing I didn't try.

I tried Allen Carr's program and went through what Abrahamson had to offer. Even though I succeeded for a little while, I relapsed. I tried books, CD's, and even hypnosis, but nothing worked. I felt like a failure and nothing could help me out. I told myself: "This is it, there's no way out. You'll keep on smoking for the rest of your life". I was about to give up, but instead, I came up with this extraordinary solution. It might save you a lot of time and frustration.I signed up for this program which helped me to quit smoking in 10 days.It was a dream come true and I can't even believe what they did for me.I know you CAN and you WILL also overcome and will help you through the difficult time. God bless you

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  • Happiness April 15, 2021 | 22:23
    A clue to how it works may have been helpful. I am not sitting through an advertisement......

    Nothing and nobody will make you quit Only you have control and the desire to quit must be there. So all you newbies, you can learn the benefits of quitting smoking and see the truth behind our addiction. When you realize that it is your mind that needs changing, the body will follow. Millions have quit smoking and you can too.
  • Happiness April 15, 2021 | 22:28
    Click on my name and find the FREE link to Allen Carr's e-book. Watch the You Tube video of how to be a Happy Non-smoker by Nadia Davos. Again free.
    Cold turkey method is free.
    Of course you are free to look into other methods. The best free is quitting nicotine.

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