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One Year Today I Quit For Good

Posted in Quit experiences 08 Apr 2021

One Year Today I gave up Smoking. I no longer cough every morning. My energy level is so much higher than when I did smoke. I hardly even think about smoking anymore. I have more time to do productive things (I never really thought about how much time smoking actually takes up). My bank account is a lot healthier. I got a chest Xray this week just to make sure all was well, it was. I know many of you are on your way to the one year milestone, just take it day by day, it comes pretty quick. You will feel so proud of yourself when you achieve your goals. Best of luck to all of you. Yay I am a non smoker.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast April 09, 2021 | 8:01
    Hi Dixie and congratulations on one year quit. I notice you are saying Quit for good. So important to get this into your mind. I hope others read your story who haven't yet reached this milestone. NOPE (not one puff ever) Yay money to spend on better things. Thanks for posting and keep in touch.
  • DAB57 April 08, 2021 | 12:41
    Great news Dixie. I was just looking in to see my fellow quit peers both new and old. I agree that getting to the one year milestone may seem it will never get here, it does comes sooner than one could possibly imagine. Today I am two months shy of 3 years. I will be 3 years on June 22nd, that too has gone incredibly fast. I cannot imagine being a smoker now. Doesn't it feel strange to ever think of yourself as a smoker?

    Congratulations on your wonderful milestone. Love and light forwarded to you and yours.

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