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One Year Smoke Free!

Posted in Quit experiences 08 Apr 2021

Wow, I had almost forgotten about nicotine all together until I reached my one year mark. To be honest life has been great without smoking! I run 4 miles daily and feel to be in the best shape of my life! Work has been extremely stressful lately but I have learned coping techniques over the months to help me control my stress, and stay productive without nicotine or medication. My advice? STAY ACTIVE, focus on what makes you happy and those around you and do it. The only thing that matters is what is in front of you. If you have a tough moment, find out somewhere you can go (mentally or physically to escape) and keep going back when issues recur. Nicotine is the worst crutch of all and it conceals issues that you might not even known that you have. Once you quit; you rediscover yourself and learn how to live life naturally. Stay healthy, stay quit, and the rest will take care of itself. I’m one year smoke free and I’m a new man! Much appreciation to everyone here who helped me get through my tough times.

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  • Happiness April 10, 2021 | 6:11
    Congratulations and many thanks for your wonderful story. We can quit smoking. It is even easy when you WANT to, keep active and enjoy the new freedom.
    Hubby is so thankful that he quit when I took the first initiative. Now we both exercise and are much healthier and happier. My daughter also quit. I am proud of them both and happy to know that smoking won't cause their families grief in the future. We can only hope others will follow our good example.
  • DAB57 April 08, 2021 | 12:59
    Hi Mwest527, isn't it a great feeling to be free from the nicotine addiction. Today I sit at almost 3 years, smoking seems so alien to me now. Congratulations on your one year milestone a huge achievement and thanks for joining the army of ex-smokers who are taking back the power from the nicotine corporate giants, who don't give a shi*t about us...Our amputations, heart diseases, vascular diseases, eye damage, lung diseases and deaths. Not even to mention the financial losses, and family lives it impacts on...As long as they make the bank they just don't care!!

    Thank you for being here to support others. Love and light to you.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast April 08, 2021 | 9:16
    What a great post Mwest, and congratulations on one year free from smoking, yes the old adage, find something which gives you much happiness, and continue on this path. Keep active, and work on the mental aspect as all the issues you have avoided come to you to be solved. Work slowly and steadily to a goal, and you will succeed. Nope (not one puff ever) Keep on posting Mwest.

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