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First 24 hours

Posted in Getting started 06 Apr 2021
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Well, as of now for the first time in 7 years I’ve gone a full 24 hours without nicotine in any form. It’s a step in the right direction, and I will continue taking steps to go further!

I’ve chosen to take champix and using my willpower managed to accomplish this step, unlike all my previous attempts that never got further than a few hours.

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness April 06, 2021 | 21:32
    Hello Jkaisen. Willpower is not a word that I like.

    It sounds too much like a battle . A fight of will. When you simply make up your mind to do something, there is no debate, no willpower needed.
    DETERMINED is a much better word. POSITIVE that you will accomplish this feat. It is a challenge. Nicotine is a very subtle , sneaky devil. That's how we got hooked in the first place. We did not CHOOSE to be life long smokers We did not think that a few puffs could lead to an eternity. We then thought we liked it because if we didn't light up , cravings would start. We soon learned to time them, feed them and live around smoking. It ingrained itself into our lives and took control. Think about it.

    You CAN quit smoking. Focus on the need to be free rather than a need to smoke. Focus on the future, the health, wealth and happiness you and loved ones deserve.
    This MINDSET., the way of looking at smoking in a different light leads to an easy quit. You will not crave what you do not want.
    When Champix does it's job and shuts down the sensors so that the body no longer desires nicotine, the mind also needs to learn how it thinks.

    Understanding that smoking never gave us does not allieve stress or anxiety except that which it causes and relies on us to cave into and keep the cycle going. When we say ENOUGH, when we make up our minds that we can do this, we will!

    Think POSITIVE.

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