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Posted in Getting started 03 Apr 2021


I’m failing miserably! Done hypnotherapy, quit for 3 weeks, quit for 3 years whilst pregnant with my children. BUT every time I drink I light up... how can I stop this without quitting alcohol I’m not a big drinker but would still like too: thanks

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast April 03, 2021 | 9:19
    Hello again, KO1977, I have been where you are now, and two things come to mind....(1) is keep close to this foum every day, either by reading or posting. (2). Practice NOPE (not one puff ever) every moment of every day, then gradually reducing it down to every day. I still use this phrase NOPE every day even after 2half years.

    Practice inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly whenever you have any thoughts that are negative. Nicotine is the drug which doesnt like you to win so you need to understand this. It can keep you from being the real you, strong and confident.

    As for drinking, maybe stop for a few nights then limit the rest of the time, It never bothered me, so thats all I can say. I did remember drinking lots of water, to get the toxins of Nicotine out of my system. You can do it with the help of those tips, and please stay close to the forum and post a lot more than before.
  • Happiness April 03, 2021 | 9:35
    Hypnotherapy can suggest, but won't , CAN"T make you do something that you truly don't WANT to. Somewhat like quitting smoking. You will when you truly want to. The subconscious is holding you back. You are making excuses. If you really wanted to and you are not an alcoholic I should think that you could go without the alcohol for as long as it takes. The length of time really does depend on your happiness with your decision. Do you really WANT to quit smoking.
    By reading our stories and learning about smoking , nicotine, how you are an addict of sorts ......perhaps we can teach you how to think of smoking in a different way which would have you quit smoking and be happy about it.

    We find a way, or we find an excuse. Which is it?
  • Aniruddha April 05, 2021 | 3:58
    I struggled with this too. I would quit and then one drink too many would trigger a smoke and then back to smoking. So this time a few months into quitting smoking, I also quit drinking.
  • Red-67 April 06, 2021 | 6:42
    It's all in your mindset, and taking control of your brain back from the slave drivers.. :)
    All my adult life, a cup of coffee, or a stiff drink, virtually always had a smoke with it. When I opened my mind to the truth, the pure STUPIDITY of being addicted to smoking, after 45+ years, I decided to quit. My coffee, or stiff drink, only felt strange the first few times, and tasted better. I made the choice to give up the cigarettes, and nothing more. If you make that smoke something you really do NOT WANT, instead of something you can't have, the quit can be easy :)

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