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Posted in Quit experiences 02 Apr 2021

Due to health issues, my partner seriously needed to give up smoking. Dr recommended Champix. After the second week, noticeable changes were deeper depression, more anxiety, smelt worse than a stale smelly ash tray, smelt like rottin meat. As each week passed by he became more aggressive and I could not communicate with him anymore. He took everything I said, out of content and focused on the negative. In the 5th week, spiralling mentally, he tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists. Fortunately, he text to stay Goodbye and Emergency Services broke down his front door to find him bleeding in the shower. He spent the night in hospital in a locked cell. He is off them but I have lost confidence in our relationship so we have now parted. Previously, I was trying to understanding his depression but with the champix exasibated his disrespectful behaviour we are over. I am now in mental repair mode myself. Please beware of Champix. 10% people successfully committ suicide. This figure is too high especially for already depressed people.

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  • DAB57 April 08, 2021 | 14:15
    Hi Belladonna

    I am so sorry to hear your story. Your partner really does need help by way of mental health support by the sounds of it.

    I am concerned about your well being as It appears there has been a history of emotional and psychological abuse aimed towards you by your partner.

    You mentioned that the champix exasperated his "disrespectful behavior" and then stated that you are ending the relationship. I understand your sadness in breaking up with your ex, but please try not to feel guilty, that is the affects of the emotional abuse he put on you. You said you "chose to walk away because the emotional attacking & dumping" during fights, and that you are "afraid of repeating the same patterns."

    There is only so much you can do for your partner or ex partner, you have to put yourself first and foremost. Please stay safe. Get help if you need it! Your post does worry me.
  • Belladonna April 05, 2021 | 6:49
    Thank you all for your feedback and congratulations to those making progress on quitting smoking. I am not a smoker but living with a smoker also puts my health at risk. He has heart problems so my heart has problems every time he lights ups too. I have an air filter which helps clean the air but chain smokers certainly isolate themselves from life.
    He tried Champix before but it did not send him spiralling down to cut his wrists.
    His Dr said the drug was insidic only after what happened. Still want to charge for a mental health assessment, which is appalling after what he has gone through. I only read about the mood swings when I his personality was changing. Yes, there were other things happening in his life but I was not equipped to help him. He was not listening to me cause he was so angry at everything. I should have made an appointment with any Dr and just took him there but I did not understand what was going on myself until it was too late.
    We are giving each other space to heal, he thought I would be over it all in a week but it has rocked me so mentally, I have to have help. It has bought up my past, panic buttons of past people in my life trying to take their lives and I have to deal with that too as well as moving out and finding a place to live. Lucky for family support.
    Please do your research, please be informed. There are many suicide thoughts and personality changes on this drug.
  • Paularado April 05, 2021 | 0:35
    I have been trying to quit smoking for
    5 years. One of my first attempts was with Chantix, same drug as Champix. Within 24 hours I felt psychotic. I might as well have been on LSD except with anger and just horrible feelings and thoughts. I could not tolerate that drug and I honestly think it is not a good choice for anyone but that is just my opinion.

    I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your experience and your partner’s experience. I hope he is off that drug and that you are both healing.

    I finally quit... cold turkey using the easy way to quit method. It is early on but I am finally done smoking...

    Take care of you...

  • Happiness April 03, 2021 | 10:14
    Thank you for posting your story and alerting people to the affect of Champix on some people. I had heard of it and so do caution people. Were you not aware of it? Was he? The Doctor should have warned many people don't bother to read the warnings on the product.

    Unfortunately, once under the influence of a drug, perhaps you cannot rationalize anything with that person. It is tragic for the both of you. Only you know his true nature before using Champix. Maybe you need to understand that it was the drug and not him. You didn't say if you smoked. Perhaps if you did you might understand. Smokers were also drugged without realizing fully the extent of our limited use.
    Even then you would think that love conquers all and feel he didn't value your relationship. Just please think it over.

    Thank you again for spreading awareness and all the best to you.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast April 03, 2021 | 8:39
    Hi Belladona, I have been on Champix, and although I had nighmarish dreams, did not experience anything so debilitating as your partner. There are people who have taken Champix and have had no trouble whatsoever. In saying that, it is supposed to be monitored by a Doctor, because not everyone can or should be on Champix. People who have a mental disability are not usually given Champix.

    This is how everyone would have been treated. It is a shame that it took so long for him to get to the doctor.

    There would have been an underlying issue with his health, because Champix alone does not produce these results. Although you are right to raise awareness, your partners doctor would have had some input, this product is by Script only and is given in incremental doses after discussion.

    I wish you well in your life it is very sad for both of you.
  • Belladonna April 03, 2021 | 6:55
    Hi Swapnil,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    I have to work through my guilt for not supporting him and the sadness of parting. I chose to walk away because the emotional attacking & dumping when we fight is not healthy for me and I am afraid of repeating the same patterns. I am a very forgiving person but person boundaries & respect were overstepped.
  • Swapnil April 02, 2021 | 23:43
    Hi, Bella, it was a really sad experience to read your story and I hope that everything between you and your partner gets fine once again.
    As you are sure that it was "Champix" that changed his behaviour, you should give him a chance to make things alright.

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