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Week 2 cutting down

Posted in Quit experiences 01 Apr 2021

I'm 7 days in to reducing my number of smokes down from 20 a day to 15 and using Champix medication and quitline counciling. I would like to share more on my journey and to find support here. The mornings and evenings are difficult trigger times for me, with a morning coffee and evenings after dinner relaxing. I have cut down my coffee using decaf and looking to find healthy alternatives to smoking at night after dinner. Thanks for allowing me to share

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  • ghassan July 10, 2021 | 2:29
    good luck cameron. Reading your story reminded me of mine, when I used medications, needle therapy etc and reduced the number of cigarettes a day. after couple of weeks I noticed that I was lying to myself and making excuses to have another smoke, even counting in a wrong way to convince myself that everything is under control. I used to get out of bed at 5 in th morning and go outside to smoke (our home is smoke free). If you can cut if off completely if you are determined and you will see how easy it is (and easier to get back to smoking!). throw your pack of cigarettes and your lighter and take it hour by hour. You will be excited about it at the eighth hour and you will know that you can make it for 1 day. write a comment tomorrow after day 1.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast April 02, 2021 | 9:02
    Congratulations on reducing the number of smokes, keep in mind that you need to put a quit day in place for stopping the Champix. That said, I too used Champix and found it easier than patches and gum which seem to be recommended, the best part of Champix it has no "Nicotine" attached to it.

    Yes you need to work out the best alternative for you, after dinner.... I drank water for quite a while this helped my health too. You also need to keep your hands busy. This is habitual so it is the habit you need to break. The thought process can also be trained at this time, by deep breathing and/or meditation. and my own belief system at these times embrace NOPE (not one puff ever) said quietly or loudly, this overides the built up memories you have.

    I am sure other ideas are available from those who visit this website. Keep on reading and posting and reducing more of those cigarettes, it is the "Nicotine" that keeps you hooked.

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