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Quit Smoking

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Mar 2021
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I was smoking for 20 years in wich i had made several attempts to quit but without success. One of my best friend recommend me a product that helped him a lot and actually i'm on my second month without smoking!!

Hope this product will help you as it helped me, wish you the best of luck.

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness March 19, 2021 | 22:41
    What ever product you should choose to aid in quitting smoking is just that an "AID". It is ultimately the way smoking is perceived that determines how easy or hard quitting can be. You hear of placebos working. Why? Because you believe it is a miracle drug and working . Why? Because you want it to. You believe it and your mind accepts. Perhaps it is faith and hope, or a simple belief within YOU that makes the difference.

    We can quit smoking. Even EASILY. Here, we are proof that it can be done. Proof that you too can become a happy non-smoker. When we WANT something we go ofter it or we make an excuse not to.

    Think positive. Make up your Mind.

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