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Pull the Trigger on Smoking

Posted in Hints and tips 15 Mar 2021

Everyone's quit is different. Some want to avoid temptations and triggers while others want to see and feel that they are making the CHOICE. That is empowerment as I see it. When we want something else more than the temptation. When we simply make up our minds to do something because we WANT to. It really is much easier.

I had always felt the first step to quitting smoking was to find the WANT to.

Secondly, BELIEVE that you can.

Quitting nicotine is the easy part. It is the psychological brainwashing that we have had ingrained in us that makes it difficult. When we learn about nicotine and see others succeed in quitting we gain the first two steps

Perhaps the most important step is to EMBRACE being a HAPPY NON-SMOKER.

The pride in this accomplishment is life changing. Many people go on to change other things in their lives. We are confident and proud, Best of all we are FREE!

Anyone can quit smoking. Simply make your mind up. Stop fearing when there is nothing to be afraid of. You can do this, maybe even EASILY.

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  • Chwoe , Western Sydney March 16, 2021 | 10:41
    u know what My Trigger is 'happiness' ? when u n ur lil friends attack my image on this website ..... u cannot sit here n try 2 spread positivity while u sit n attack me 4 trying to quit smoking
  • Chwoe , Western Sydney March 16, 2021 | 10:42

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