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Princess Mononoke

Day 18

Posted in Staying quit 11 Mar 2021

Hi Y'All! Day 18 today. I start out every morning by reading day 18 quit experiences on this site and the iquit-smoking site. So the restlessness has been replaced with an ennui and I sometimes feel a slight headache/fogginess. I know this too shall pass. Overall I feel great. I know this is the most important thing I am doing for myself EVER!! Keep going everyone, don't stop quitting. I quit a gazillion times in the past but you know it's different when you got that pack of smokes available and handy and you say, "H*ll No!" Benefits so far: I'm not as exhausted by the constant up and down of smoking. I feel calmer inside myself. I feel in control of the direction I want my life to go. Breathing, eating and smelling is pleasurable. Skin looks great. I feel more engaged with the world and people around me despite the face mask in these pandemic times. I'm going to keep on posting and reading. I'm excited to get to 21 days! Keep going everyone, if you relapse start over right away. Build on your previous quit attempts and learn from them.

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  • Happiness March 11, 2021 | 1:48
    Awesome attitude. You will succeed this time. When we WANT to do something we will find a way.......or make an excuse not to.

    I am excited for you. The freedom is great, the benefits amazing, and the confidence in oneself is priceless. We can do what we make up our minds to do.
    Stay on the road despite bumps and detours. You will find it all so worth it in the end.
  • Princess Mononoke March 12, 2021 | 3:38
    Thank you so much for your kind words and support dear Happiness! I've read your responses to everyone else as well and your hard work and dedication to help everyone one here is greatly appreciated.

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