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Cold Turkey, 4 months in. Strange symptoms.

Posted in Quit experiences 10 Mar 2021

Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask for some guidance and advice.

I’m 4 months into my cold turkey quit. 4 years cigarettes and 4 years vaping. It’s been a whirlwind of symptoms to say the least and have felt so weary. I’m hoping I can get some clarity and some peace from someone who has gone through it as unbearable as it was, in this case for me, it is. Here are some symptoms I’ve experience in order:

Severe Brain Fog

Inflammatory Bowel Disease






It would be so wonderful to get your guys’ insight on this. I’m grateful enough to have found this because those I’ve talked to so far don’t seem to understand.

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon,

All the best,


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  • Red-67 March 10, 2021 | 8:30
    Hi Mitch, and welcome :)
    My first question would be, Have you seen a DR. ? Smoking has been known to mask existing problems. Sure, brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety, are common with the smoking / nicotine addiction, but for a few weeks. Three weeks for me, after 45+ years of smoking. As for the vaping, unfortunately, we don't know as much about the possible chemicals and problems. We do know, that the mind is very powerful, and it is important to let go of the want / need, that can lead to anxiety. If you have not already, I would think a physical, and blood work may be in order ??
  • Happiness March 11, 2021 | 1:37
    Welcome Mitch. As Red above said, some symptoms are more prevalent and any health concerns should be addressed by a doctor.

    Read our stories. I for one suggest you learn the mindset, the changing of how you think of smoking/vaping. The understanding of the addiction, how we were brainwashed by tobacco companies and media and society.
    Learn that nicotine addiction can be broken.
    You are now likely to be experiencing the hardest part, the acceptance of change in your life. Change in thinking of knowing that smoking never did anything for you. It did not allieve anxiety, boredom, make us confident or any of the excuses for smoking that we attached to it. Smoking merely is a vehicle to administer the nicotine that we became addicted to. With it all the tars and poisons too. Smoking just made us feel good because it relieved the "craving" or desire for a "fix" just like any addict.
    You were an addict.
    Does that change your perspective?
    It is easier to walk away and be FREE of any desire to smoke when you learn the truth.
    TRuTH. >>>>Knowledge is POWER.

    The some psychological things you experience are in the mind. You need time to accept change. Willingly or unwillingly......acceptance makes it easier and shorter.
    Your body also needs time to adjust to the changes. The body is generally grateful for the positive.....better breathing, blood pressure and sense of taste and smell are almost immediate. Lots of other health benefit in time, but the freedom from smoking is ultimate. Life as a non-smoker if great isn't it?

    Embrace the positive change . Will your mind, now change your mind from harboring any desire to smoke. Think POSITIVE.

    Do happy things to increase your dopamine.....research it.
    Cut caffeine by half when quitting nicotine to reduce jitters , mistaken for anxiety.
    Stop being anxious and be proud that you have quit smoking and are doing the most amazing thing for yourself. Look forward to a life better than you have known. Desire the freedom, health and wealth.

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