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Princess Mononoke

My last day 14

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Mar 2021
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I knew I was serious when I kept a pack of smokes handy in the kitchen drawer. I did relapse on day 13 and I started counting over again and today is my last day 14 because I want it this time. Whether it's easy or it's hard it's both because the withdrawals make you go back and forth in your head but you do need to redirect your thoughts and play the tape out. Try something different this time just to make it a special forever quit is my suggestion because otherwise you're just repeating previous quit attempts. In the past I couldn't wait to smoke in the morning now I'm grateful for the extra time I can steam my face over a pot of hot water and breathe in deeply. I feel my feelings now instead of smoking over them or numbing out. Good luck everyone on here reading this! Get this one thing because it is symbolic of so much more. It's not just about smoking it's why we smoke to cover up our feelings and numb out because we're sensitive. But the side effects suck. So let's get over this thing that's poisoning every aspect of our life. Get through it all there is a rainbow at the end. I'm only on day 14 but I am a nonsmoker. Belief is so important, I finally get that part. This guy's website was really helpful to me as well

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  • Happiness March 08, 2021 | 0:19
    This will be your last day 14 Princess. When we make up our minds and put our thoughts and sights on other things, our old stand by becomes less intrusive.

    Life as a non-smoker is wonderful. Desire it instead of fearing it.

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