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18 week update

Posted in Hints and tips 03 Mar 2021
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So I think I had a personal breakthrough when it comes to managing those disgusting cravings that used to pop up every now and then. I used to use sheer will to fight it off, by telling my self "I can't smoke a cigarette. I shouldn't smoke. I wont smoke." All the while I subconsciously thought about the words "smoke" and "cigarette."

Thinking that way only made things worse. Every time I told my self that, my craving would get stronger and strong, but I never caved in and it eventually went away. I realized that if I started thinking about things that I WANT to do rather than things I DONT WANT to do, my mind would just focus on the thing that I want. For example: "I want to drink some water. I wanna for a walk. I want to check my emails. The table is brown. The doors open..."

Doing this drowned my head with different thoughts and as long as I am not concentrating on the craving, the craving was fading away quicker and easier. I hope you find this helpful and I wish you the best of luck on your quitting journey.

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness March 03, 2021 | 23:04
    Willpower is necessary when we have to do something that is against our will.

    I should quit is not the same as wanting to quit.
    I can't smoke really means that you want to smoke but will fight it.

    When you really cannot find any reason to smoke and there really are none if you really come to look at the truth., then we will stop smoking.
    We were drugged, hooked, brainwashed and became slaves to a drug packaged in a tube with other poisons to give us a sense of feeling good. The only reason we felt good was because it relieved the cravings it itself caused.

    It is only a short time to break that cycle of nicotine addiction. The mind also has to be willing to move on. You can make it do so or you can learn about nicotine and smoking and have your mind choose to quit. Doing things that we want to do are done faster than those that we do not.

    Fight it and will it, or love it and accept it. The choice is yours. Drinking water, exercising and keeping distracted all help, but you will not crave or desire something that you do not want.

    Change your Mind and change your future.
    We can quit smoking , even EASILY.

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