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50 days

Posted in Quit experiences 02 Mar 2021

Hey Everyone,

I am 50 days quit today, what a lovely number. Seems more appropriate to write today, 50 feeling so clean than at 2 months!

I don’t know what to say except I never think of smoking anymore. Sometimes I dream I have smoked, but even when I wake up these days I know it’s just another test, and ignore it.

My true test has been to ignore the whole concept and keep on keeping on with my life. I am also 50 days clean with no alcohol. This would be the longest I have gone without alcohol since I was 16 years old. I am 37. My skin is absolutely amazing and I smell so good, my kids smell so bloody good.

I am very mindful that thinking can change and people can take another puff. But for me, I always envisage that woman who has been smoke and alcohol free for a year and what she will accomplish. Freedom, freedom from the slavery.

My partner is also trying to quit now, he is taking champix, but I just no his head is not in the game, so he will likely relapse.

If you believe that you are giving something up that has worth, quitting will be super tough. There is never an enjoyable cigarette, just escaping from your own feelings, avoiding your own life, believing that you deserve the time with the loneliness of smelling and spending all your money on lonely smokes. If you fantasise the cigarette you are doomed.

Anyway I have rambled. May I come back and write at 150 days, if you believe it, then it will be. NOPE forever friends. Good luck!!

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  • Happiness March 03, 2021 | 6:45
    Ramble any time Bej. You are incentive to all and exspressing so very well what so many also feel. Sometimes a certain phrase or feeling will strike a chord and unlock someone's prison. That is the power of a forum like this. Everyone's quit is different and we can only hope to make it easier and sustainable.
    Congratulations on you moving in a positive direction in life Bej. We can do what we put our minds and hearts into.
  • matik_one March 03, 2021 | 7:46
    Nice, stay strong, always try find ways how to do it instead of exceptions how not.. cannot wait for your 150day post.. :)

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