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Posted in Quit experiences 02 Mar 2021

Have been quitting for the last 14 months . How ridiculous I would get to day 3 or 4 then have a couple of puffs a day which turned into a couple of smokes a day. Then it would start all over again. Yes Groundhog Day ... I am 4 days in and think I have got this because I’m not too bad but am definitely not letting my guard down for a second. It is really exhausting to keep starting again and again so need to stop once and for all. I love this forum and everyone’s experiences as we are very different but have the same end goal.

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  • Robn March 02, 2021 | 10:54
    Well done Evergreen on getting back on the wagon. It can be difficult bit you know it is all in your thinking. Take it one day at a time, say to yourself each morning, I will not smoke today. Make that your priority for the day, keep your self busy and remember when you feel the urge, deep does work. Be really happy about your decision and look forward to every milestone, big and small. Over 45 years of smoking, now quit 3 years....if I can do it..anyone can. I lost count of how many times I tried and failed. One day something just clicks in your head and away you go. Stick close to us and post often...
  • Happiness March 03, 2021 | 7:21
    Hi Evergreen. You probably know then that nicotine is out of the body for the most part in 3 or 4 days which you keep reintroducing. The cycle of course starts again. Everyone thinks that is the hard part, but nicotine withdrawal really is barely perceptible. It is the mind, the habit, the psychological "need" to have our "friend" our "security blanket".

    I really do think that we should take time with our last cigarettes before quitting to say a parting farewell, not to a dear friend but to our keeper.

    Taste them. Smell them. Think of their destructiveness. Think of the cost. Perhaps keep a chart of why you are smoking. Are you hungry, bored, upset, happy? Every cigarette we smoke is needed as a precursor for the next one. When we decide that we have had "Enough" we can break the cycle.

    So to my way of thinking, one has to first WANT to quit. Not wish or hope, but make up their minds that they Want to do it for themselves.
    Secondly, they have to believe that they can, and we all thought we couldn't. We who quit are proof that it can be done, so how can you argue that?
    I admire those who don't quite get there and keep trying because they will get there if they stick with us. Many slip but find the belief in themselves. You are one of these, and you will succeed if you stop fearing the journey, or fearing that you will fail. Embrace it for the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Each time is a new one, the others were practice and lessons.

    Start seeing the cigarette as something you want to be free of.
    There are so many reasons..........
    It can be easy to quit smoking once your mind accepts it.

  • matik_one March 03, 2021 | 8:00
    Ok, now you know how unsuccess feels like, so lets dig out how it feels when you will success.. how is feeling after 10 days, 15 or even 30 without smoke? Just try to get there and when you will feel you are not proud and happy, then you can go back.. or try to do 3 digits no.? It's up to you, give yourself chance to decide if you want or don't want smoke..
  • Evergreen March 03, 2021 | 9:49
    Thank you for the encouragement and support. Day 4 and am doing okay and am not thinking or wanting to smoke. I know it’s early days but am feeling better and maybe the mindset is positive and I definitely want this

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